Creative Workplace Signage Boosts Employee Morale, Triggers Bonhomie & Productivity

Indoor Signage
Indoor Signage

Creative Workplace Signage

Boosts Employee Morale, Triggers Bonhomie & Productivity

Contented people make quality products and provide services that satisfy customers. People, products and services are the pillars of foundation that make a great company. Greatness of a company is not determined by its sheer size. Even small manufacturing units can be ‘great’. Quality and class of the three pillars, and the work culture make all the difference.  For employees to put their best foot forward, the workplace atmosphere needs to be conducive and motivating. Especially in times of distress like the current one where everyone is reeling under the covid-19 scare, employees look up to their employers for support and guidance. It is not always money that matters. Emotional support workplace tranquillity goes a long way in elevating morale and earning loyalty of employees.

It is quite natural that haunted by the agonies of covid, the morale of employees is down today. The company management can help boost their morale by enhancing the workplace experience. Placing proper signages within the premises is an effective and useful way of elevating workplace atmosphere.

Some of the Salient Benefits of Signage

Enhances Experience & Elevates Brand

Rope in a reliable and dependable branding and signage company that can design and place engaging and effective signages at strategic spots within the factory/office premises and it will have positive impact on your workplace atmosphere. The signages could be:

  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Informative & Engaging
  • Wayfinding
  • Target Achievements
  • Imminent Events & Celebrations
  • Safety & Health

Be consistent in strictly adhering to the brand guidelines in all signages which will instil a sense of pride among your employees and create brand consciousness among customers who visit your premises.

Creative and innovative signs will spread positive vibes among workforce. Wayfinding signs will help visitors easily find their contacts which will imprint a highly favourable impression in their minds about your brand.

Safety Signs 

There is hardly any industrial unit that does not pose chances of accident, health and safety hazards. It is essential to put in place appropriate safety signs as a constant reminder to people in the premises.

Of course, employees know the areas where danger awaits; however the employer should not take it for granted and ignore the human nature of taking things casually. Proper signs with precautions to be followed will facilitate as a stern warning to people.

 Pandemic Precautions

Apart from regular signs, there occur specific occasions, like the ongoing pandemic outbreak where precaution and preventive measures are key to survival. Signages on preventive practices such as wearing mask, frequent hand sanitization/hand washing, maintaining social distance, and getting vaccinated can be displayed at important spots which could influence employees immensely.

Motivational Signs

A motivational quote has the power to change the mood from despair to delight. Relevant and realistic motivational quotes with creative graphical depiction can inspire people and positively impact their attitude, approach and spirit.

Vision, Mission & Goal

How many employees know by-heart the corporate vision, mission and goals of your company? Of course, not many. That includes the top management as well. It is not their fault because these sacred statements are not used in daily routine. Display them attractively at prominent spots within the premises and people will soon learn them by-heart. It will further boost employees’ morale as they will be conscious of the company’s inspiring vision, mission and goal.

Way-finding Signs

Imagine a workplace without proper directions or indicators in place. To a visitor it will be like trapped in a labyrinth. Instead, way-finding signs act as guides enabling people to find the right place with ease which make the overall environment more positive and visit to the premises an enjoyable experience.

Cost efficient

Designing and setting up signage is a one-time investment with long term benefits. Signage may not fetch you revenue directly. But the goodwill they generate among your employees and others cannot be counted in coins. Signages make the environment conducive and friendly increasing productivity of workforce. Signage promotes your brand day and night and potential customers will recall your brand/product when a need arises in future.

The MATChBOX Signage Edge

MATChBOX is a leading branding and signage company with over 12 years of experience in a wide range of related areas like Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, making of Corporate Videos, Specialized Printing and Event Management. With enriched experience and expertise, we are known for creative and innovative branding and signage solutions. We have the proven track record of providing complete branding and signage solutions right from designing to execution at site. For result-oriented branding and signage solutions, just drop in a line or call us.