How to Plan a ‘Happening’ Groundbreaking Ceremony

Breaking the ground as a mark of formal start of a project has been an integral part of our tradition from time immemorial. The groundbreaking ceremony normally consists of rituals by a pandit/priest amidst chanting of mantras/prayers and the chief guest performs token breaking of ground usually with a shovel or pickaxe in the presence of invitees.
Whether you are setting up an entirely new project or expanding the existing project, today groundbreaking is planned and organized as a ceremonial event to showcase and promote your existing or proposed business venture and product. A groundbreaking ceremony, irrespective of the size of the project, is a great opportunity to gather all your stakeholders to celebrate the occasion. It is the opportune platform to share information about the new project.
Let us examine some of the vital factors to Plan a Spectacular Groundbreaking Event.

Event Date & Time

When the actual construction starts, the site will be busy and messy with activities, men and equipments. Hence, the date of the groundbreaking event can be fixed for a few days in advance so that the venue is free from other disturbances. If you are particular about an auspicious time, consult your astrologer and fix the time accordingly, but it should not be too inconvenient to your invitees.


Once the date and time are freezed, you can now start designing the invite. Digital invite is the norm of the day, which is easy and convenient to the host and guests too. If you are organizing an elaborate groundbreaking event, you probably need to outsource it through a reliable event planning agency of your area. If so, better to go for an all-in-one event management company capable of designing attractive digital invite adhering to your corporate and brand guidelines. Now-a-days the trend is to send a “block the date” intimation a few weeks beforehand, followed by detailed invite, and a reminder mailer a couple of days prior to the event.

Invitee List

Who all you want to invite to the important occasion? Prepare a list of invitees comprising your associates, suppliers, key customers and other well-wishers. Keep ready their address if you intent to physically deliver the invite. Parallelly collect the email IDs and Whattsapp numbers so that you can invite them digitally.

Chief Guest & Speakers

A well-known public figure as chief guest at the event will attract media attention and you can get wider publicity. It is also common to have a couple of prominent personalities as key speakers. If so invite and get their confirmation well in advance and include their names in your invite and it will generate a buzz among your other guests.

Venue Deck Up

Groundbreaking ceremonies are normally held at the actual site. Prepare a portion of the site well in advance including an approach road if it is not there already. If the location is not easily accessible, for the convenience of your guests install way-finders and direction signs from the main roads leading to your site. You can also put up banners and posters on the way welcoming your guests, which will be a good gesture to delight them even before they reach the venue. Decking up of the venue will be taken care of by your event manager.

Corporate Video

The actual event normally starts with a welcome speech including introduction of your company, history (if already existing) and sharing details about the new project and products. In today’s digital era, lengthy speeches are better avoided. Instead show a creatively crafted corporate video which your guests will like and remember for long time. If your event manager doesn’t have the video making expertise, take the help of a reputed corporate video producing agency who can create a compelling video for you.

Photography/Videography of the Event

A long awaited event, you want to capture live every moment of the ground breaking ceremony to cherish forever. Hence organize a professional photographer and videographer to cover the event in toto. Once the event is over, you can send snaps of the event to your key guests, wherever they are visible, as a memento which they will love and cherish. You can post pictures and video bytes of the event in your website and social media pages also.

Make Venue Weatherproof

You can arrange everything else, but bad weather conditions are beyond your control. Better to be prepared for any such eventuality. To protect from scorching heat or sudden rain, spend a little more and make the venue weatherproof with proper tent and canopy, and other arrangements to meet emergency situations.

Make it memorable

Take it for granted that, like you, most of your invitees would have already attended at least a few groundbreaking ceremonies. As such they expect a predictable format of the event. Rightly so, you also don’t have much scope to embark on a drastic departure from the usual format. However, you can make your event stand out by creative value additions. Often, simple innovative changes make great impact, create memorable moments, and enhance the level of the event. A creative and innovative event planner can make it happen.

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