How Wedding App Makes Your Big Day A Happening Event?

Congratulations! Your wedding is in the offing. The biggest day of your life. Make it equally memorable for your dear and near ones, and the guests.

Today almost everything is technology-driven. A custom-made Wedding App with unique features gives that technology twist to your wedding, a never-before experience for all. By taking care of even the smallest of details, the Wedding App makes your life simpler.
Wedding App – Benefits Galore

Effortless Connect with Guests

You can add all the guests from both (bride & groom) sides in the Wedding App and identify them based on relation. The APP allows you to send invites, receive RSVPs, and reply to ‘thank you notes. You can send personalized messages to each guest about the key dates and functions and the guests have the option to respond.

Total Clarity, No Confusion

The Wedding App notifies each function, its venue, date, and time only to the targeted guests. There is also an option to schedule notifications.

Instant Updates

In case of any change, it can be conveyed through instant notifications, thus eliminating confusion. Updates are posted instantly including images and videos with the choice to respond – like, share and comment.

Cherish & Treasure the Moments

A wedding means lifelong memories for the bride, groom, and their families. Make it a benchmark occasion to cherish for the guests as well. Moments captured by the photographer are instantly shared in the Wedding App and guests can upload content – images & videos.

Pre & Post Wedding Blast

A wedding, especially in India, is a series of celebrations. It starts with ceremonies and rituals of varying size and stature much before tying the nuptial knot and extends much beyond. The Wedding App aptly covers everything, from engagement, pre-wedding shooting, and main wedding event to post-wedding sojourn, and connects with everybody collectively or selectively.

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With our custom-made Wedding App, you can tell your guests the story of your lifetime. Let us join hands to make the wedding really amazing. Just contact us.