Video Marketing: A Powerful Tool to Grow Your Business

With the internet technology revolution, the video has emerged as a strong communication tool that can be customized as per need. Video is the fastest, effective, and a convenient all-purpose way to engage with your audience for marketing and promotion, drive traffic, enhance leads or create awareness.

International data predictions underline the most compelling benefits of video marketing for your business.

• By 2022 more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be dominated by online videos.

• About 95% of video content is retained by viewers, as against 10% of reading a text.

• Subject to no bar on time, resources, and budget, almost 83% of marketers stand to enhance dependence on video as a marketing strategy.

Connect via Social Media

Sharing your corporate or promotional video through any social media platform is the most convenient, quick, and effective way of marketing your business among your existing and potential customers.

Multifold Increase in Leads & Conversions

It is estimated that videos posted on social media garner 50% more views as well as many times more shares than texts and images. This means a content-rich and creatively crafted video generates leads and conversions beyond your expectations.

Boosts Organic Search Rankings

Search engines use videos on landing pages as a factor for ranking. It is as simple as post a video, enhance your dwell time and improve rankings. Needless to say, improved rankings result in more leads and conversions.

Reinforces Customer Trust

Seeing is believing. Corporate videos and product videos with live customer testimonials build consumers’ confidence in your brand and business. As per estimates, more than 90% of consumers are influenced by videos in making purchase decisions.

Influence the C-Suite

Brand building, generating leads, and conversions apart, a creative video is the best medium for your business to get noticed by the elite C-Suite which will come in handy in the long run.
It is high time that you start unlocking the enormous benefits of video marketing. The business environment is ripe as in the current context people world over prefer online purchases. All you need is, take the help of a professional business video-making agency that can bring out creative and innovative promotional videos best suitable for your business.

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