Video Marketing: Spend Much Less, Gain Much More

If you are in business to gain and grow, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive video marketing strategy. Video has sidelined all other forms of media and emerged as the most preferred type of user content.
An estimate reveals that 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, which is almost 25% increase over the past two years.
Video is the Best to Grab Attention: Human eyes by nature are drawn to movement which makes videos a natural focal point as we scan through web-pages. Watching a video induces an emotional connect which instinctively persuade viewers to forward and share it. Besides, the human brain is prone to visually transmitting 90% of the information. Similarly, our brain is capable of grasping videos 60000 times faster than text.
Improves SEO: It’s a proven fact that video improves SEO. Businesses with embedded media attain higher search results and are better poised to rank on Google page-1. Search engines have started including video content in their ranking algorithms. Whenever a viewer watches video on your webpage, it generates supplementary inbound links which further add to your SEO value.
Memory Power: Audio-visuals are imprinted in memory than other forms of communication. According to studies, as compared to text, viewers retain and recall 95% of video content.
Conveys Faster: Video has the advantage of conveying your message faster whereas viewers get bored with texts and stray image galleries.
Campaign Beyond Comparison: Video marketing should be a key tool of your business campaigns and it can be posted on your website and social media pages. Recent surveys indicate that almost 93% of marketers vouch for video to attract new customers.
Cost Effectiveness: Video making costs much less compared to other forms of advertising. One video can be placed on multiple platforms by using tools like live streaming, video on demand, and OTT broadcasting and generate incremental revenue in the process.
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