Virtual Events : Turning Concerns Into Advantages

Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown has affected and changed almost everything, especially business and marketing, and paved the way for a helluva lot of new normal ways. The event management industry is one of the most affected victims of the pandemic. With in-person events out of question, virtual events are the new normal.

Obviously, there are concerns about the effectiveness of virtual events. Look closer and you will realize that the quintessential concerns are the beauty of virtual events, turning it much more advantageous over its conventional counterpart, the face-to-face event.

Technology Driven

Participants will be attending virtual events remotely for which quality internet connection is a prerequisite. Give prior information on the ideal bandwidth and if needed, make them familiar with the login functions. In case of more participants from a single location, they can join together from a common venue with a big screen and better sound arrangements.

Prior Registration/Invitation

It can be done online as in the case of an in-person event.


If needed, an anchor can lead the event at the host venue.

Global Attendance

Virtual events are virtually global and it saves a lot as compared to in-person events in terms of time and cost – travel time, travel expenses, hotel, etc.

Product Launch

Multi-location launch of any product at one go without physically moving the product from venue to venue. The product can be displayed virtually and its features explained.

Health & Safety

In situations like the Covid-19 crisis, virtual events are the best option as participants don’t have to bother about infection.

Green Event

The carbon footprint of virtual events is insignificant as it avoids travel, eat and waste; thus contributing to a more sustainable economy.
Thus, concerns about virtual events are practically misplaced. Instead, they have more benefits over face-to-face events.

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