The Compelling Benefits Of Video Marketing Take Your Business Way Ahead

Video, being a powerful content medium for telling stories, can greatly impact the success of your promotional drive and content marketing campaigns. Video serves as a link to connect with your target audience and build a healthy relationship. Statistics speak volumes about the significance of video in your content marketing strategy.

  • Video content accounted for more than 80% of all consumer online traffic in 2019.
  • Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares vis-à-vis combined images and texts.
  • Video content is preferred by nearly 90% of online marketers.
  • Mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year.

Thumbnails are very important in attracting viewers to your video. Create and use captivating, engaging, and high-quality thumbnails.

Most people world-wide prefer mobile viewing of videos. Hence it is all the more important to ensure that your videos are mobile-responsive.

In order to get a higher ranking for your video on search engines, the best way is to create a video site map with all details about your video.

Once traffic is drawn to your video, optimize it in the best manner and concentrate on leads and their conversions. This can be facilitated by adding a clear call-to-action. Get the services of a dependable digital marketing agency. The agency can help you in video marketing, it’s ranking, call to action, and conversions.

Making and posting videos is not enough. Analyze your video’s performance constantly and consistently. There are tools like YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics to oversee video performance and understand more views, sources of traffic, video-watching time, and if you have more videos, find the most popular one.

Not only that, you can assess your overall brand awareness based on the number of views, shares, and mentions. Your digital marketing strategy, and for that matter, video marketing strategy, should contain clear methods of measurement.

In making all these possible, a result-oriented digital marketing service provider can be of immense help to you.

Creating high-performing videos takes time and effort. You should have the right video content plan with creativity; use it to roll out meaningful videos. The best way out is to subscribe to the services of a reputed online marketing company with a proven track record.

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