Conquer The Demons With Constructive Creativity

Dussehra holds vital significance in Indian mythology with its overriding message of victory of good over evil. It all started with the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana, which triggered a series of edge-of-the-seat events and incidents, culminating in the killing of Ravana by Rama.

Religious and spiritual significance apart, festivals have become great commercial opportunities to give much needed fillip to business. Companies and brands float festival themed campaigns to make most of the festive sentiments. Coming as it does after the last two dismal pandemic dominated years, this year people seek to celebrate festivals with more frenzy and frolic. Dussehra is no exemption.

Like all other festivals, on Dussehra too, we perform the traditional rituals, apparently fulfilling formalities. However, the mute question is, while celebrating Dussehra year after year, have we been able to defeat the evil within? Honestly no, isn’t it?

The demon king Ravana was considered as the ultimate symbol of evils. There are demons everywhere – internal as well as external. External demons, to a great extent, are beyond our control. So let us start by trying to demolish the demons within. We may not succeed fully to liberate ourselves from worldly pleasures and pressures. Still we can try, improve and gradually attain progress to be a better person.

Here comes the relevance of creativity in personal and professional lives. Creativity, prima facie sounds a positive process, but it has darker sides too. Take the case of Ravana. He was no normal demon. In knowledge, wisdom, and creativity he was second to none. Ravana is the classical example of destructive creativity, which ultimately ended in his elimination.
On the one hand, he used his wisdom and creativity to build a prosperous Lanka, on the other hand, he used destructive creativity to destroy his enemies within and outside his country.

Destructive creativity continues to play havoc world over in the forms of terrorism, religious intolerance, conflicts between nations, racism, and individuals and groups indulged in destructive activities, and so on. Let us not associate, sympathize or support directly or indirectly with such elements. The discretion is solely ours. If we succeed in distancing from forces of destructive creativity, it is a major stride in the right direction.

History teaches that the triumph of destructive creativity is temporary and the superior power of constructive creativity prevails and keeps the former at bay. Like constructive criticism is good for improvement, constructive creativity spreads positive vibes and create a pleasant environment.

Festival times are celebration times. Let us be positive and constructive in our celebrations. While keeping up with the traditional ways, let us be constructive, creative, and innovative in our celebrations, leading to triumph over demons within ourselves – the true essence of Dussehra.

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Happy Dussehra!