Corporate Annual Day: Make it Exciting for Enduring Employee Engagement

Annual day of your company is a big day worth a grand celebration involving all employees. Most companies invite employees’ family members also to the annual day celebrations. Anniversary of your organization is a time to take a nostalgic peep into the past and look forward to the exciting future. It is also an occasion to appreciate and recognize your employees.

To make your annual day celebrations engaging, entertaining and memorable for employees as well as beneficial to the organization, you need to hire the services of a professional event planner with expertise in providing 360 degree event management solutions.

Corporate organizations host events to promote brand and business, attract attention, and convey messages. In annual day events, you have to ensure maximum level of employee engagement as well.

Some of the salient characteristics of an ideal corporate annual day event are:


A meaningful theme for your annual day event costs you nothing, whereas it can add to the attraction and excitement. It is a great idea to announce a contest among your employees inviting theme names with reward for the best name. Such a contest will kick-start pre-promotion of the event. While the theme can directly or indirectly relate to your corporate vision, values etc, let it be simple and easy to understand for everyone. Let the theme capture the celebratory mood and flavor of the season.

Pre Event Promotion

Promotion is the key in the success of any event – internal or external. Digital promotion is the norm of the day, which is easy, convenient and cost efficient too. While putting up posters and banners at important locations within the premises, you can plan to circulate a series of well designed emailers on alternate days. An end to end event management agency with creative and innovative expertise can design attractive promotional materials to generate pre event hype.

Employee/Family Engagement

Everybody is working for earning a livelihood and look after their family. To a workman on the shop floor or a senior executive in a well appointed cabin, family matters the most for all of them. Hence invite families of employees also to the annual day celebrations. It will be the best employee engagement initiative and will foster an emotional bond between employees and the organization. All the activities of the celebrations need to be planned keeping g in view the family audience.

Employee Recognition

Annual day event is the ideal occasion to recognize employees for their best performance, long service etc. The employees will feel proud and emotionally moved to receive awards or win prizes in the presence of family members. With delighted families, employees will feel elated, which will reflect on their performance in terms of better productivity.

Spirit of Togetherness

Working together and celebrating together will nurture and nourish team spirit among employees. Annual day celebration is also a platform for families to mingle and interact which will further cement the feeling of togetherness.

Talent Showcase

While working to earn a livelihood, at least some of your employees must be nursing their other hidden talents. Company annual day is the perfect platform to encourage employees and family members to showcase their creative talents in cultural and entertainment activities like singing, dancing, anchoring and so on.

Bridges Hierarchical Gap

Despite your sincere efforts and initiatives, there emerges a gap between leadership and employees, especially the top and bottom levels. Events like annual day at an outside venue can help diminish the gap. Leadership team members should take the lead and indulge in informal interactions with employees at the bottom levels. Company events are occasions to unwind, relax and enjoy, leaving aside all inhibitions.

Employees will be on cloud nine to see their CEO in their midst in the company of spouse and children and exchange pleasantries with one and all. Such occasions of direct connect with leaders will enable employees to see them as “one among us”. This will melt the ice of hierarchy and build a family-like relationship.

Motivates Employees

Recognition to employees, cultural and entertainment performances by employees, participation of family members, free interaction with leadership team, and the celebratory mood – all these go a long way in fostering workplace camaraderie, team spirit and building a feeling of togetherness. This feel-good factor will enhance employee morale and motivate them to be loyal to the organization and perform better, ultimately leading to increase in productivity.

Employee engagement activities like annual day celebrations deliver the best return on your investment in terms of employee loyalty, positive workplace environment, and surge in productivity.

Elements for Maximum Engagement

An appealing venue outside workplace will encourage people to come and enjoy the event. Focus more on the family audience and include some entertainment activities, particularly children. Games, tattoo artist, selfie point etc are some of the regular attractions. A professional event management agency can come up with more interesting options.

Last but not the least, if the way to a person’s heart is through stomach, this could also work for employee loyalty. On an event like company annual day, everybody looks forward to good food. Ensure serving good quality and variety of snacks and meal. Let your employees and their families savor the taste and cherish the memory till the next annual day when you make it even better.


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