How Much Marketing Automation You Need in Your Business?

From hoardings to ads on radio channels, from television ads to social media campaigns, the way of marketing has evolved a lot in these years. But why we are changing the marketing techniques? To become more efficient right, that is to save the cost and time on marketing. With that habit of innovating something new, we have landed on a new process known as marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

There are different types of repetitions in the process of marketing like sending emails, posting social media posts, running ad campaigns, etc. doing all these manually takes lots of time that can be saved through technology and innovation.

And that innovation is Marketing Automation, it automates all the repetitive tasks that can save the cost and time of any organization.

But the question is, to what extent marketing automation can work? This is something that needs to address and understand correctly, and in this blog, we’ll discuss marketing automation in depth. Most importantly how it can help you and to what extent you can rely on it.

How does automation achieve? 

The very first question that must have come to your mind is, how we achieve marketing automation? And what is the scope and future of marketing automation? since we are kept discussing new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

Although marketing automation has innovated on the same idea or we can say that it is an application of both artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Before coming on how does automation achieve? Let’s see what are the works that can be done through marketing automation and what not?

 1. Email Marketing

Imagine if a company or organization has a customer base of more than 100,000 peoples and to make people aware of their new service or brand they want to start an email marketing campaign having 100,000 targeted people. It would be impossible for them to complete that campaign manually, and that’s where the need for automation is realized.

Along with making such tasks possible, these innovations save lots of time and man-working cost of almost every organization across the world.

How to Execute Email Automations?

To automate the emails, we need to follow some steps that can give the desired results from the campaign.

Although all the automation is achieved by the software tools some pre-requisites need to execute, as marketing automation is not fully automated and human interruption is always needed to get effective results.

  • Need to divide the subscribers according to the parameters like :
  1. Location
  2. Medium
  3. Product or service they are interested in
  4. Stage of the Customer funnel
  • Make More Personalized and Customized Emails

Making a general template and send it to all the subscribers is not as effective as sending customized emails after dividing them into groups, at the same time sending a personalized email like the user feels that the email is specially designed for them always have a high CTR(Click-through-Rate) and ROI(Return-on-Investment).

comparison of customized emails vs general emails

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  • Test and Analyze

Before start running the email campaigns through software, it is always better to test and analyze what works and what not? There are lots and lots of factors like CTR(Click-Through-Rate), Impressions, etc that need to take care of before starting the campaign.

A/B testing will be very beneficial before running any campaign on the bulk level, as it gives the leverage to first analyze what actually works and whatnot, after eliminating the whatnot in the actual campaigns can save a lot and give the expected ROI on any campaign.

  • Run the best Campaigns on Automation

After testing and getting understand of what actually is working, now it’s time to use the automation software. Although it is not recommended for every to blindness gets attracted towards marketing automation without understanding the need for it.

At this point, the majority of the businesses are in favor of using marketing automation but using it without knowing will definitely end up something worst. That is the reason understanding the need for automation for your business and the utility of automation is very important as it cannot be fully automated at any stage till this point in time.

Now if you have configured the need for your business and wants to expand it with automation, so here the some of the best email automation tool that can help you make your email marketing efficient and effective.

  1. Hubspot Email Marketing
  2. Mail Chimp
  3. Sendinblue
  4. GetResponse
  5. EmailOctopus

 2. Content Publishing / Ad Campaigns

Almost every company working digitally is active on its social media platforms, to get the maximized result they are working regularly online like content publishing, running ads campaigns, and more.

Again like email marketing, when the process is repetitive and the same, doing it manually is not worthy as the automated technologies can handle it very effectively and efficiently.

Companies have started running their ad campaigns through automated software although it cannot be fully automated as the process is not all the time still, to some extent some organizations are investing in such software for this work.

How to Automate Campaign Ads and Content?

The term campaign automation is somewhat misleading, as in the campaign automation the automated software doesn’t automate the whole process as in, it does not create campaigns for you or run ads for you.

That is the reason, understanding the locus of marketing automation is very important before using it. But the question is then how automation software help in the process of ad creation.

The main application of marketing automation helps run or better analyzing the ads, the software available in the marketplace is used to have the analysis of the running ad campaigns and make the changes according to that.

Get the Data of the Whole Phase Sales Channel

Extracting the datasets from the platform is the main objective of these softwares, giving accurate and more importantly giving the numbers that are important to the further action, for example with Oracle Eloqua marketing automation you can create targeted campaigns in the form of email marketing, social media marketing, mobile and website search.

The best part is we can track the customer behavior of the whole phase, like in the case of website search, we can see the sections where customers got engaged or initiate an event like button clicks, time spends on the particular section, etc.

oracle eloqua marketing automation software

Automate Post Scheduling

Posting regular content on social media platforms, or sending regular emails to the customer is one of the necessary tasks of almost every company or organization to maintain the digital presence and mainly to fulfill the customer retention process.

But now, the automation softwares are healthy and innovating replacement of all the humans performing content publishing and scheduling as the main advantage of this work is repetition and uniformity that is the ultimate reason for the innovation of marketing automation.

With the softwares like buffer, Hubspot, TweetDeck, Sproutsocial, anyone can easily schedule their social media posts.

3. Lead Generation

Getting sales, conversion to the website, getting high ROI(Return-on-investment) all are the desired results of lead generation for any company. But there is something more apart from targeting the right customers, getting it back with retargeting or email marketing.

That is, with marketing automation you can filter all your leads and can expect much higher ROI from your campaigns.

And that’s what leading companies are using in their lead generation campaigns, through the marketing automated software a company can track the behavior of users on their website or any platform.

How to automate for Lead Generation?

Lead Generation, one of the major targets of companies in social media marketing campaigns, but getting the right leads is a challenge for every company.


What constitutes the right lead generation?

Some factors combinedly affect the results of lead generation campaigns, one of the major mistakes that most of the fellow made is, targeted audience.

Having a targeted audience is very important to get the right kind of leads, now a targeted audience doesn’t mean just select the audience based on interest, age, demographics, etc. like the majority of the people do in the campaigns.

There is something more that needs to execute correctly or that majority of the successful companies are executing.

The very first thing that you need before starting a lead generation campaign is, data. Having the right data can lead you to the right people to which you can target in your social media campaigns. But from you get this data? and how this data is different from the data we get from the basic platform analytic tools.

The modern data that actually helps a lot in marketing is customer behavior, for example, if a user comes on your website, then getting the history of events that users have executed can show you the intent of coming on your website.

Targeting the users that actually have shown interest in your service or product is ten times more effective to add in the lead generation campaign than the general user. The modern automated softwares are capable of getting all this data for you, one prime example is the Facebook pixel that you can embed on your website and it will give all the user behavior based on which you can act further and update your social media campaigns.

Do you need Marketing Automation?

According to Social Media’s Today 2019 State of Marketing Automation Survey report, 75% of all companies are already at least one automation tool in their business. Apart from this 63% of marketers will be increasing their marketing automation budgets soon, which means sooner or later marketing automation will spread in the whole world.

The reality is the best marketers are using both inbound marketing and marketing automation together, and they are getting great returns.” – Greg Head, CMO of InfusionSoft.

But the question is, should you replace your manual work with automation tools? The answer to this question is not static that means, it depends from company to company, rather say it depends on the need of your company.

For example, if you have to mail more than 1000 or even more to your customers then there is no doubt that you have to shift on to the automation tools. But what if you don’t have that amount of mail? In that case, rather than ignoring you should start testing the email automation with your customer that prepares you for the future change.

The decision of adopting marketing automation simply depends on the need of the company, but at this time even if your company doesn’t need to automate the things, getting prepared for the works like email marketing, lead generation, ad campaigns will save you from the future hustles. 

What Researches Are Telling About Marketing Automation in Business?

  1. According to recent studies, marketing automation on average drives up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.
  2. 80% of marketing automation users saw an increase in the number of leads using marketing automation software, and 77% had an increase in conversions.
  3. The biggest benefit of marketing automation is saving time, according to Adestra’s Marketer vs. Machine report. “Marketers say the biggest benefits of automation are saving time (74%), increased customer engagement (68%), more timely communications (58%), and increased opportunities, including up-selling (58%).”
  4. 51% of companies are using marketing automation in 2019.
  5. 43% of marketers say optimizing productivity is the most important objective of a marketing automation plan.

[ Note: The Data Presented Above is based on the researches held worldwide, and just intended to show the research automation numbers ]


Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning these are some biggest innovation of this era in the digital world, that also affect the field of marketing.

Gives birth to the new word known as Marketing Automation, but this automation is saturated yet and doesn’t have the compulsion for every business or company.

Depending on the need of businesses, every company should analyze the need and capabilities of marketing automation or any kind of technologies they will going to adopt. These innovations are there to make things easy and fast, but not with a necessity tag.

In the case of marketing automation, at this point in time, some companies have adopted this technology for the works like email marketing, lead generation, content publishment, etc. Some have seen the high curve while there are some that don’t the proper return on the investment.

Before executing any plan, having a clear understanding of the limitations and capabilities of any new technology is a must, for example in this case you cannot automate the whole social media campaigns, at every point human interruption is necessary that mixes up with automation and came out with the desired results.

These researches are there to give an idea of how the invention(marketing automation) is working for others and you can implement it in your business, but taking actions on the basis of any favorable research cannot guarantee a positive result in your case.

So first analyze the need and then find fill that gap with the most profitable solution available in the market irrespective of the fact that it is the latest or oldest.

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