How Can Internal Branding Engage and Motivate Employees?

It is important that the employees know everything about their company like, the band by which the company is known for, and its vision, mission and core values. All these and more can be done through proper branding within the premises. This will motivate your employees to be proud of their company’s brand with a sense of belongingness and lasting loyalty.

Branding Inside Out

Branding of any successful organization starts at home. You need to have a well defined internal branding and signage strategy. Internal branding and signage send out the message in no uncertain terms that the company recognizes its employees as the greatest asset. Hence your branding should start from inside the company to the outside world. Treat every employee as your most loyal brand ambassador. Proper branding inside the premises will instill a sense of pride in them towards the brand for which they are working.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, mission and values are defined and proclaimed with fanfare, but often forgotten thereafter. Of course, they are the permanent fixtures in the company’s corporate brochure and website, but hardly anybody remember them except in rare occasions. It is quite natural that in the bustle of meeting monthly and annual targets, vision, mission and values are conveniently sidelined, if not entirely forgotten. Display them at prominently visible locations in the office and plant premises. Seeing the display on a daily basis, your employees will gradually know them by heart and get inspired by the company’s vision, mission and values.

Sustainable Employee Engagement

Every employee must know about their company’s branding guidelines and the branding philosophy. Impart this vital information to them through internal brand building and employees will get the message that their company considers them as important asset. Thus internal branding becomes a sustainable employee engagement activity.

Internal Branding Strategy

When it comes to branding, there should not be any differentiation between employees and customers. Your internal branding strategy should relate to your external branding strategy, otherwise it will cause confusion and defeat the purpose. An unforgettable identity will motivate your employees and positively reflect in their roles and performances.

Internal Branding/Signage Influence Your Guests

Internal branding and signage are very important. Internal signage should be planned and implemented keeping in mind the user-friendliness of the external visitors to your premises. The visitors could be anybody, like customer, supplier, other business associate, government official, or even a candidate for interview. Proper indicator signage will conveniently direct the visitor to the right location within your premises. Such internal branding/signage will create the best first impression in the mind of the visitor about your company and brand. Positive word of mouth by an external visitor will enhance your brand image.


Your organization’s internal branding should be identical with your external branding as both works hand in hand for your business goodwill. Take your employees into confidence as partners in brand building with the strong feeling of being closely connected to your vision, mission and values. Such an environment of healthy internal branding will motivate the employees to do their best for the company.

MATChBOX – Branding/Signage Expert

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