How to Make Corporate Events More Productive & Engaging?

Before planning an event, you need to define its goals and objectives. Be it your corporate annual day celebrations or a business conference, the event must bring value to the organization. Whether the goal is to recognize long serving employees or best performing business partners, your event needs to be meaningful for every attendee and also for your organization.

There are keys and tips to make your next corporate event more engaging, productive and out-and-out success.

Be Unpredictable, Avoid Stereotype

Some events like corporate annual day or an annual business partners’ conference have a ritual-like format and flow of the proceedings which are regarded as sacrosanct. Even if there is no much scope for change, simple innovative inputs can induce a difference and make the event more enjoyable and engaging. Take the help of a creative event management company who can suggest creative twists that will wow your audience without much pressure on your budget.  Repeat such little changes but differently every time when you organize similar event. Thus the hitherto predictable and lackluster event becomes unpredictable and people start looking forward to it.

Choose an Unconventional Venue

Conference halls and convention centers are passé even for business conferences. Think of a non-traditional venue that will surprise and excite your audience. When the venue is a hit, the event becomes a super hit.

Build Pre-Event Hype

As part of your resolve to make the event innovative and memorable, start with the first communication to the attendees. Design a stand-out invitation even though it will contain the basic agenda like date, time, and venue. Still better, start with a teaser or two that will build an early buzz. Then reveal the event, followed by creative reminders at regular interval. With social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, you can evoke excitement faster. A creatively dependable event management agency can come out with innovative event promotion ideas.

How to WOW Your Attendees

It all depends on the profile of attendees and the nature of the event. If it is a hardcore business conference, scope for “other activities” is less. Still you can explore the possibility of adding a few entertainment capsules intermittently to kill the monotony as less routine brings more life. Company events like annual day celebrations and family get together provide more opportunities for variety, especially entertainment. Consider the likes and dislikes of your audience while freezing the agenda.

Encourage Attendees’ Participation

Active participation of audience is the key to the success of any event. If the event is engaging and enjoyable, people will voluntarily come forward to participate. Keep on gently persuading the less enthusiastic participants. If you make it interactive, it will be interesting.

Photo Booth

In the age of smartphone and selfie, people are on the lookout for opportunities to capture the moment, often with friends, colleagues and families. Hence create a suitable photo booth or other type of photo opportunity which your audience would love.


In corporate events giveaways have become almost inevitable these days. You can resort to many ways to reward participants. People would love to participate in interesting games and contests. Have your guests answer questions on relevant topics like the organization. If the event involves family, you can think of recognizing children who did well in examinations and other achievements of family members. Lucky draw coupon for all participants is a popular option.

Learn from Feedback

If you have the attendees’ feedback of similar events in the past, take it into consideration and address the drawbacks, if any next time.  Instead of instructing people to fill in a “feedback form,” participants will be more forthright with free and frank comments if you ask them casually on the spot. Talk to a cross section of attendees on vital aspects like venue, event format, food, and what could have been done better. This will come in handy for similar events in future.

Professional Event Planner

Your objectives of the event can be best fulfilled by a professional event management agency. An event planner with experience and expertise knows the pulse of your target audience and the nitty-gritties of making it engaging and productive. Hire an all-in-one event management company who can take the stress off you from communication/promotion to execution and feedback.

MATChBOX Event Expertise

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