How Corporate “Family Day” Can Leverage Employee Morale & Loyalty?

Taking employees into confidence through different motivational initiatives has proved to be a fruitful way of earning their loyalty and enhancing productivity. Let employees feel proud of the brand for which they work. Hence along with external branding activities, companies need to explain the brand philosophy to its own people. Go a step further and include employees’ families as well in the brand awareness and trust building initiatives. Emotional attachment of families towards the organization will further inspire employees to perform better and better.

Annual corporate Family Day celebration is a tangible idea to engage and connect with families, gain their loyalty and trust. The investment is worth as employees will appreciate and respect the company’s gesture and work with increased dedication and sincerity.

Let us examine some of the salient ingredients that will make corporate family day celebrations to meet and surpass the objectives.

Theme Based Event

Select a relevant theme with which employees and their families easily connect. It should be unique, attractive, simple, and preferably in vernacular, and reflect emotions like unity, teamwork, togetherness, care and success. It is a good idea if you can conduct a contest among employees inviting event theme names and logo with a token prize to the winner.

Emotional Connect

The best way to win over loyalty and trust of employees is to assuage their emotional aspirations, of course with good intent. Demonstrate that the management cares for not only each employee, but their family as well.

Personalized Invite

Send out a personalized invite, if possible, addressed to the spouse of your employee. The family will be overwhelmed and value the invite more, if it is from the CEO of the company. The design and content of the invite needs to be in line with the event theme.


Pre-event promotion builds up hype amongst your employees. Apart from digitally circulating a series of creatively designed mailers, let there be posters and banners all over the workplace. With the pre event excitement so created, employees will look forward to the celebrations and also encourage them to participate. Use the services of a reputed event management agency that has creative capability to design mailers and other publicity materials.

Encourage Participation

Create the aura that the annual family day event is of the employees, for the employees and by the employees. Encourage employees to showcase their and their family members’ talents at the event in activities like music, singing, skit etc. Make appropriate arrangements for audition, selection and rehearsal. Each employee should feel that the event is “My Family Event.”

Employee Recognition  

It will be an emotional moment for employees to get recognized in the event in front of their family members and colleagues. Some of the typical recognitions are award to long serving employees, best performers in various categories, special achievements of employees and their family members (in areas like academic, sports etc).


Venue is important. Select a venue that appeals to family members, conveniently located, easily accessible but not frequented by most employees, spacious to accommodate all, serene surroundings and safe without any external disturbances. A fit venue inspires employees and the event becomes a hit.


Create an attractive and event theme based welcome gate. Put in place volunteers at the entrance to accord a traditional welcome to attendees with flowers, tilak etc. If you can create a great first impression, it will raise the engagement and enjoyment level and your attendees will remember it as the best impression.


Family Day literally means complete audience in attendance – kids, children, teenagers to elders. You must plan activities keeping in mind all age groups from kids to senior citizens. An exclusive kid’s zone, various games for all age groups, played by individuals and teams etc are some of the essential engagement activities in corporate family get together. Now-a-days selfie zones are a must as people love them in such gatherings.

Meet & Greet

Let the emotional connect with family be visible predominantly at the event. Of course, there can be a VIP area earmarked for the senior team of the company and their families. However, the senior team members should not remain confined to their comfort zone throughout. Such gatherings are the rare occasions where people down the line look forward to exchange pleasantries with top team. Keep the hierarchy aside and let the CEO take the initiative; move around with his spouse, meet and greet people. Such simple gestures will go a long way in taking the emotional connect of employees and their families to higher levels.

Eat Good, Feel Good

Corporate family gatherings often end with serving of food. Quality and variety of food can make or break the event experience. You need to make arrangement for seamless distribution of snacks, tea, coffee, water, and children’s favorite soft drinks. Let people enjoy their main food (lunch or dinner) comfortably. The food area must be spacious enough to accommodate the entire crowd. Serve the best-in-town complete food, with starters, soups, main course, desserts and sweets. Let people enjoy good food and go back in a jubilant mood.


Celebrating annual family day undoubtedly is a profitable investment for companies in terms of boosting employee morale and loyalty resulting in continuous increase in productivity. It is a once-in-a-year investment and you can reap the returns throughout the year and beyond.

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