How Celebrating Company Foundation Day Reinvigorate Your Employees?

Foundation day or the anniversary of your company is the most important organizational milestone as it was the day when the journey took off.  The day deserves to be remembered, recounted, and celebrated. Normally companies organize several events and celebrations like dealer conference, supplier conference, customer meet and several other business related activities. All these events are attended by senior executives and the relevant section of employees, and in some cases external stakeholders. As a socially sensitive organization, you may also be celebrating festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas etc, albeit in a very limited manner. A people oriented organization needs to organize at least one event in a year encompassing the entire workforce, and ideally, their families. What occasion is more fitting to be celebrated as the biggest annual event of your company than its Foundation Day?

Let us examine why celebrating company foundation day is important and how it benefits you.

Strengthens Emotional Bond

There are veterans who have been there from the very beginning or people working with the company for decades. The foundation day is an occasion for them to go down the memory lane and recount stories of struggle for survival in the initial years. Their hard work and invaluable contributions will be inspiring for the younger employees and pave the way for developing and strengthening an emotional bond with the company.

Reinforce Corporate Culture & Values

Celebration of Foundation Day serves as the right platform to reemphasize your corporate culture, brand philosophy and core values among your employees. While highlighting the values, you can also use the occasion to reiterate to your people that they are the channel through which the company’s values and goals are realized. You can revitalize the relationship by highlighting the bond between the company and its people.

Spirit of Togetherness

Gathering of all employees in itself is a great occasion to mingle and interact freely. Accompaniment of families is an embellishment and a rare occasion to boost the feeling of togetherness and team spirit, which will further amplify the emotional connection.

Employee Morale Up

The positive work environment created by the family get together will result in enhancing employee morale. Your people will perceive their company as caring not only for its employees but for their families as well.

Loyal Employees & Loyal Families

Loyalty of employees reflects in their workmanship. Loyal employees work hard and sincerely as they are emotionally tied to the company and its products. Employees work to earn a livelihood for their family. When family members are also satisfied and loyal to the company, it will further boost employee morale.

Productivity Up

The spirit of togetherness, enhanced employee morale, and loyalty create a most conducive work environment where people are happy to work. Happy and contended employees perform to their full potential. All these ultimately result in increased productivity and quality.

Audio Visual Flashback

Showcase history to inspire the present and future. Compile photos of all important milestones and events in the journey of your company so far and exhibit them along with product transformations. For better impact, create videos of company’s journey and screen them at the event. Employees and their families will cherish these moments.


Now-a-days people, more so corporate go for theme based annual day event. Select an appealing theme appropriate for the occasion and design an the event logo around the theme. The theme should align with your brand, corporate values and philosophy.


Venue is an important element to motivate employees and families. An exotic venue within a reasonable distance is ideal. The work premises as event venue is not desirable as it creates the impression in the minds of employees as daily routine of going to work. However, if it is the first anniversary of your company, you can think of taking the families to the factory as they would like to see the factory where their spouses work. The employees will also feel proud to show their families around.


Foundation day celebration is the ideal platform to recognize the deserving employees. Your human resource department can shortlist the categories for recognition like long service awards, best attendance, outstanding performers. Special achievements of spouses and children can also be added. Receiving awards from the CEO in the presence of colleagues and family members will be proud moments for employees.


Planning and organizing successful event is a mammoth task. You have to coordinate with many agencies and service providers, from venue deck up to catering. There are other activities like communication – personalized invite to employees and pre-event promotion, arranging awards, games and a plethora of other paraphernalia. The best way out is to entrust the task to a reliable event management agency. Ensure that your event agency has the capabilities to handle the entire gamut of activities including creative event promotion.  With an all in one event management company, you can relax and enjoy your event as a guest.

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