How Corporate Video Can Accelerate Your Business

Corporate Video
Corporate Video

Rapidly changing technology rules the roost in the digital age. The digital space being increasingly competitive, to attract online attention you need to be not one, but many steps ahead of others. First of all, you should have a well thought-out digital strategy. Over the past few years video content has emerged as an integral part of digital strategy. Video has proved its worth as the most effective and dependable tool in online marketing.

With the wealth of information available on internet, it is estimated that about 90% of the consumers take the decision before visiting showroom or contacting your sales team. Video content influences vast majority of these consumers to zero in on the brand they want to buy.

Let us examine some of the benefits of a corporate video:

Builds Brand Equity

Corporate videos visually showcase your brand which is a major advantage. Your corporate video also highlights your work culture, core values, vision, mission, top management, product range and quality standards. This will create a lasting positive impression in the minds of viewers and they will identify your brand as a symbol of values and quality. Prospective customers will become diehard fans of your brand and they will naturally become loyal customers when a need for products or services similar to yours arises.

Search Engines Love Videos

People prefer watching short and insightful videos much more than spending hours in reading cumbersome texts. Search engines also favor video content. A well crafted video with good content, and if it offers right solutions to what viewers are searching for, with a description and requisite tags, it has all the credentials to rank high on search engines. Size of your business doesn’t matter. Even if your business is not that big in size, your corporate video has the power to command a sizable online followers. The higher the rankings your video capture in online searches, the better your chances of attracting new customers and generating leads and conversions.

Eye Catchy & Mind Blowing   

Watching video is far simpler than reading a book, as it does not take much effort. Videos are enjoyable, pleasurable and they help people to unwind. Watching a creatively produced video is a treat for eyes and an elating experience for mind. Thus the information shared in the video about your company, products and services are absorbed quickly and stored in viewers’ minds.

Connect & Engage with Target Audience

Videos have the potential to tell your story in a fascinating way. While advertising video clips have commercial restrictions and much costlier too, your corporate video has no such limitations. With corporate videos, you can increase audience engagement manifold. Many of the viewers will participate in meaningful discussions, thus taking the engagement to next level. Stay connected with your viewers constantly, answer their queries satisfactorily and they will turn to prospective buyers.

Customer Testimonial

If it is just a feedback or a simple review printed on paper by a faceless customer, it won’t cut much ice with viewers. But people will take it seriously when a customer shares his experience in live video and presents your product/service as solution to his needs. Video testimonial can also show live usage of your product, thus enhancing its reliability and credibility. Add testimonial video as part of your corporate video. You can also post testimonial videos independently on your website or social media page as they are bound to influence buying decisions of budding customers.

Cost Efficient

Making a video is a one-time investment, unlike print media advertisement where you have to pay the price every time. You can use the video at multiple platforms at the same time, like sharing on website, social media, and email marketing. You can use the same video for many years or till they become irrelevant. If your video is worth watching, people will voluntarily share it. The reach and influence of a video goes much far and wide than our expectations. Thus, video is considered, justifiably so, as one of the most cost efficient medium of marketing and promotion.

Benefits of Variety

For successful online marketing you need to have a bunch of videos. For example, corporate and branding videos create awareness and goodwill about your brand and business. Product video and testimonial video instantly arouse viewers’ interest in your products. You can also create videos on unique initiatives, major events, manufacturing and quality process etc and they will impactfully imprint the reputation of your brand and business among viewers. Different videos serve different purposes, but all culminate in the ultimate goal of increasing online business.

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