Confusion Clarified ! CONTENT IS THE KINGDOM!


Some people say content is king, whereas some others contend that content is queen. Comparisons apart, there is no gainsaying the fact that content is a very important component in digital marketing, and its significance is only increasing by the day. So we can conclude beyond confusion that content is the kingdom because content is by the people, of the people and for the people.

Content Strategy

If you want to reap the full benefits of online marketing, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of content marketing. The first and foremost step is to develop an effective content management strategy in line with your overall digital marketing goal.  A well defined strategy can enhance the reach of your content marketing efforts. It can qualitatively improve the content driven customer experiences that positively impact your bottom line.

Quality Content

The digital space is flooded with contents of all sorts. Internet users are becoming choosy because of the large volume of blogs and contents uploaded by the minute. Your competitors are also in the fray and each player wants to outwit the other. So your contents and blogs need to stand out from the rest to attract attention of viewers.

Value-driven content is the key to gain trust and divert more traffic to your digital content. Closely track online activities of your competitors and tell your story creatively with innovative inputs.  You can use definitive examples and actual testimonials of existing customers which will provide the much needed authenticity to your contents. Remember, through your contents you are selling value to viewers which they will attribute to your products.

 Video Content

The saying, “seeing is believing,” is literally true in digital marketing because of the sheer reason that more than reading lengthy texts, people like to watch films. Visuals have the power to remain longer in people’s mind with high recall value. Here again the quality and class of video matter the most. In your video you can add glimpses of performance or use of your product in actual conditions.  Live customer testimonials can add value to your videos.

Watching relevant videos and their comparison has become a must-have pre-requisite for vast majority of consumers world over before zeroing-in on a brand to buy. Videos are the most effective way to tell your brand story and keep your audience engaged.

In situations like pandemic and lock-downs, where physical movement is restricted, value-driven digital content with creative video is the most effective way to promote and influence potential buyers.

Neither King, Nor Queen, Content is Kingdom!

Without attempting to support or contradict the comparisons of “king” or “queen” attributed to content, we strongly feel that content is neither king nor queen. Instead, we would like to call content as the kingdom where audience (read customers) are the real rulers. Hence, let your kingdom (content) be rich and prosperous in terms of quality, creativity and innovation, and driven by value so that the rulers (consumers) vouch for it.

 Content for Business Growth

In today’s digital dominated environment, meaningful, effective and creative content can promote your brand and business on the online space and its magnitude is much more than what we can think of. While physical or offline activities can come to a halt under compelling conditions, online always remains ‘on’ and its influence over people of all categories is only increasing globally.  The more your content reaches people, the more the chances of getting leads and conversions.


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