How Corporate Videos can Showcase Your Work Culture to Impact and Impress

A creatively crafted corporate video focusing on your human resources strategy can bring your company’s work culture to life. A positive work culture drives employee engagement, motivate retention of employees and lures new talent. The HR goal of any major corporate, in general, is to foster a positive workplace experience for its people. Effective communication is an essential element of effective people management. As the world is getting increasingly digitalised, the better way to connect with employees and other stakeholders is through videos. Videos stay stored in our e-mails, websites and social media platforms and are instrumental in bringing about satisfied and productive employees.

Some of the most prevalent, meaningful and inspiring corporate videos that propogate your corporate HR and work culture are:

Employee Onboarding

Videos can create a great first impression among new employees by making employee onboarding a seamless and enjoyable process. New employees acclimatise with your workplace culture with a smooth welcoming ambience and also get useful information.

Recruitment Marketing

It encompasses the strategies and tools used by your company to engage and attract candidates in the pre-application stage of recruitment. Make a video focusing on promoting the values and corporate culture to entice aspirants. Highlight how it is positively different to work for your company in a pleasant work environment like the work-life balance, employee welfare activities and the high market standing of your brand.

Corporate Culture

A video manifesting your company’s vision, mission and corporate values can enhance your corporate image and create a sense of purpose among new employees and they will feel proud to work for you.

‘Day in the life’ of an Employee

A realistic video portraying a “day in the life” of an existing employee can inspire the new recruitees. The video can start with the employee leaving his/her home in the morning and end with returning to home in the evening. It will help new joinees to understand how the existing employees carry out their job and how it aligns well with the company’s work culture.

Brand Strategy

It is a must for newcomers to get accumstomed to your brand and brand philosophy. A video can better explain about your brand equity, brand strategy and guidelines. Brand strategy is the holistic approach as to how a brand builds its identification and its acceptability among customers.

How-to & Explainer Videos

Employees will understand better if you practically demonstrate to them through a video how the common processes are working at the office. For example, how to apply oline for leave or submit a voucher for expenses or entitlement.

Product & Processes

Onboarding program invariably covers visit of new joinees to the plant and see the manufacturing processes. Still a video can smartly explain the entire process starting from receipt of raw material at the plant and till the finished product comes out.

Training Videos

as a key aspect of your corporate culture, your HR function must be conducting various skill and competence enhancement training programmes for your employees. Let your new employees familiarise with such programs. An innovative and effective video explaining about your training initiatives with real-time training visuals can impress your new employees.

Some of the Key Benefits of Corporate Videos

• Infuse Life into HR Strategy: Proactively share your corporate vision, mission, values asnd human resource development initiatives through engaging and impressive videos which will have instant positive influence on employees.

• Builds Engagement & Connectivity: Captivating and engaging corporate video can alleviate if there is any lacuna in personal interaction and build connection that can pave way for team spirit to thrive in your organisatipon.

• Attracts Talent: Send your corporate human resources video to prominent educational institutes and let your representative show the video to the faculty and students. A creatively crafted, compelling and realistic corporate video can attract the best talents of the institute at the time when you conduct campus recruitment.

• Authenticity: Realistic videos are better communication tools, connect better with the target audience, and are regarded as reliable, dependable, and transparent. By using video to communicate, companies can build trust and engagement with employees resulting in marked inprovements in productivity and employee retention.

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