How Creative Branding/Signage Can Turn Audience Into Buyers

Signage is a powerful tool that can help your business grow by attracting new customers. It plays a vital role in spreading awareness about your brand and business. People notice your signage first, often even before they come to know about your brand, product, and business. Creative and innovative signage has the power to create the first positive impression in the minds of people and they will willingly explore more about your business.

There are various reasons why business signage holds great importance. A well-designed innovative signage is crucial in creating the right impression for your business, establishing brand awareness among customers, catching their eye from afar, and providing helpful information.

Here are some of the salient benefits of signage to your business.

Reinforces Brand Identity

Signage is the most effective way to build your brand equity through enhanced visibility. For those who are already your customer or know about your brand, it will be refreshing for them to see your signage. Your signage will get imprinted in the minds of regular onlookers who see it often. When a need or demand arises, they will recall your brand and pursue it as a serious contender for their consideration.

Better Outcome at Lesser Cost

Smart and creative signage is cost-effective when compared to other means of marketing, branding, and advertising. Signage has the added advantage that it can be used for years with proper maintenance which won’t cost you much. Moreover, you can modify your signage as and when needed. Consistency is of vital importance to get maximum mileage out of your signage. As an important tool as part of your overall branding and marketing strategy, ensure that your branding, messaging, and visuals maintain consistency in all your signage and marketing materials.

Internal Brand Building

You need to first sell your brand to your employees, then venture out seeking customers. As an entrepreneur it is to your interest that your people must be thoroughly aware about your brand, its background, braqnd philosophy and brand message.  Innovatively designed internal signage elevates your corporate image and paves the way for a positive environment wherein your workforce will feel happier and proud about the brand for which they work. Impressive internal signs are useful in many other ways.


Wayfinding signs or directional signs make your premises visitor-friendly. With properly placed signs, visitors can easily and conveniently find their way to key areas in the premises like reception, elevators, restrooms, meeting rooms, stores, canteen, stairs, and exits. Signs can also warn them about non-permitted areas. Internal wayfinding signs can make visits to your premises a pleasant and comfortable experience, which will further enhance your brand image.

In-house Publicity

You should not limit your marketing and advertising activities directed to external audiences only. Internal advertising is also equally important. Let your branding be visible in all your internal signs. Your own people must know about your branding guidelines. People will feel proud to work in a premises which is having inspiring internal branding.

Safety Signs

These signs should not be seen as a formality to comply with the statutory requirements. Safety signs are meant to be precautionary, emergency exit routes, location of safety equipment like fire extinguishers, and first aid.  Your employees will see them as a reflection of your care for them. Such signs will boost your corporate image as a caring employer in the minds of a customer or any other external visitor to your premises.

brading signage

External Signage

Brand building and business promotion are the key objectives of external signage. While creatively designed external signage can attract new customers, it will also facilitate as a constant reminder to your current customers. Your external signage will be noticed by people from every walk of life. They include passers-by, local daily commuters, visitors from near and far, and tourists. Thus the reach of your brand through external signage is beyond our expectations.

Day-and-Night Brand Visibility

Signage has no timing restrictions. It provides 24-hour promotion and advertising to your brand and business. Especially brightly lit outdoor signs stand out at night attracting attention of all types of audience. This can result in instant incremental business if you are running a petrol pump, late-night cafe or restaurant.

Direct Customer Connect

External signage is meant to communicate directly with your present and prospective customers. People will take it for granted that creative and innovative signage and its positioning conveys your corporate image and quality of your products. Thus with the direct communication through your signage, customers will take immediate decisions and start interacting with you directly.

Gain Competitive Edge

Your competitors might be already in the fray with their signage. In such a fiercely competitive scenario, to get noticed by customers, it is essential that your signage should be different and stand out from the rest. Whether you are a forerunner or late entrant, it doesn’t matter. If your signage is already there, redesign it in such a way so that it becomes the eye-catcher. Always prepared to be one-up on competition. A professional branding and signage agency can help you achieve your objectives.

The MATChBOX Branding & Signage Edge

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