How To Level Up Guest Engagement In Corporate Events

You host many corporate events throughout the year. Also you participate in many corporate events. The events can range from conferences attended by internal team members to events participated by external guests like customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Depending on the need, nature and demand, events are conducted at in-house venue or at external venue.

Once you set the objective of your event and the target audience thereof, you can determine the type of event you plan to host, venue, and kick-start other essential preparations. Whether the event is internal or external, the primary objective is maximum audience engagement. Now-a-days the practice is to entrust the entire task to a reliable event planning agency that can come up with ideas meeting to your objectives.

Some of the typical corporate events are:


It could be your annual business plan kick off meeting with all the concerned internal audience in attendance. Or it could be business review meetings to discuss performance of the company, way forward, market conditions, competition, opportunities, and essential strategic changes needed. You also organize large scale annual conferences separately for your stakeholders like dealers and suppliers.

Customer Meets

Personal touch pays, especially when it comes to boosting confidence of existing customers and attracting new ones. The best way to engage with customers and acknowledge their loyalty is to hold periodic customer meets on area wise, region wise, or segment wise, and in manageable groups so that you can get into personal interaction with them which the customers will bring about an emotional connect with your brand. Business talks and presentations apart, elevate the engagement level in customer meets with entertainment programs like music.

New Product Launches

To survive and succeed in market, you need to come up with new products and variants from time to time; else you will be left behind the race. Of course you can promote your new product or service online and offline. Simultaneously, you need to take your new product directly to customers, which is the most productive way to promote and capture customer confidence. You can organize a series of product launch events in key markets and let the customers have the physical ‘look and feel’ of your product. A professionally planned and executed product launch event will be more beneficial in terms of customer connect, generating leads and conversions.


 Continuous competence building of workforce is an integral part of corporate culture today. Trainings, workshops and team building events strengthen team spirit and bonhomie amongst employees, which motivate them resulting in increased productivity. You also need to conduct trainings and refresher programs whenever a new technology is introduced so as to update and upgrade the knowledge levels of your employees as well as those of your dealer fraternity.

Trade Shows / Expos

Attending trade shows and exhibitions relevant to your business will help you know the latest developments for which you don’t need any preparations other than scheduling your time. Whereas, by participating in trade shows, you can showcase your products and services to the public. You can exhibit your new products and know the first-hand feedback of customers. Participation in trade shows also pave way for generation of enquiries which your team can follow up later. It is not just display of products. You need to design and erect an elegant stall so as to attract maximum footfall. A professional event management agency with expertise in innovative trade fair stall design and erection can come handy to shoulder the task.

Celebrations & Achievements

Working together also means celebrating together. Celebration of important festivals, special occasions, or major achievements is a meaningful way to boost employee engagement. Make each celebration an occasion to cherish.

Annual Day / Family Day

Small or big, corporates celebrate annual day, often with the participation of employees’ family members. An appealing venue and engaging activities for all age groups are essential ingredients for the success of such events. You can also use the occasion to recognize best performing team members in different categories as also present award to long serving employees. Here also, you can utilize the services of a professional corporate event management company that can understand your needs and execute the event to perfection.

Apart from these, there are more corporate events ranging from business development, marketing and sales to connecting with different stakeholders, team members and people within the industry.

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