How to Make Corporate Event A Unique Experience to Boost Your Business

Corporate events are key to nurturing  and nourishing relationships with your customers and other stakeholders. Event is a crucial activity, which can help boost your company’s goodwill and growth. Before setting out to plan an event, first you need to define the objectives that you want to achieve, the target audience and then start the planning process, always taking into account the resources you have.  Events allow you to strengthen bonds with your existing customers and associates and connect with your prospective customers.

Whether you are hosting a conference of business partners like dealers or suppliers; a new product launch; or training for a small group of your employees, you need to have understanding of the basic elements of event management. Following tips will help you plan your event as an unforgettable experience for your attendees.

Set Your Objectives

Before rolling out the event planning process, you need to define the goal and objectives, which you intent to achieve. All your planning and other activities should be goal oriented i.e. how your attendees will help realize your expectations. Plan your event to be meaningful, engaging, and deliver it as an interactive brand experience.

Target Audience

For whom you are planning the event? Who are the participants? Is it the top management and senior executives? Is it your companies annual day celebrations with entire employees and their families? A groundbreaking ceremony of a new project? A product launch or customer meet? Or is it an annual conference of business partners? Once you define your target audience, you can start making the attendees’ list and updating their contact details. From here onwards, you can plan things depending on the category of participants and mobilise elements that will be of interest to your attendees to make the event an eventful experience.  Irrespective of the size of the gathering, big or small, what matters the most is how they are treated. You should think and treat every attendee as a potential brand ambassador of your business.

Realistic Budget

At the initial stage itself, you should allocate the budget for the event. If you are getting the event planned and executed by an external professional event management agency, instruct them strictly to manage within your budget. It is always better to have a cushion, say 10%, to take care of unforeseen incidentals and cost escalations. Good food and beverages are essential ingrediants that can swing the mood of attendees in your favour. Hence you should not compromise on food and beverages, especially the local delicacies. In nutshell, your budget needs to be realistic and align with the outcome you expect and the profile of attendees.

Event Theme

Themed event is the trend now-a-days. Go with the trend and it will help uplift your image. Choose a theme which should be meaningful in terms of your event objectives and the nature of attendees. Your guests should easily connect with the theme. you can also design a logo of the theme and all your communication should carry the theme and logo. A creative event planning agency will be able to suggest suitable theme and design the theme logo. Select your event partner carefully ensuring that they have creative and innovative event managing expertise.

Event Venue

If you are planning a large corporate event, it naturally calls for an external venue with requisite facilities. For a business conference, the venue must have a convenient and comfortable hall. If the conference is followed by a party in the evening, the venue needs to be spacious enough for people to move around, mingle and interact and also for cultural and entertainment performances, which normally form part of corporate parties.  The venue should be easily accessible with adequate parking space. Remember, a venue can make or break the event experience.

Pre-Event Promotion

Pre-event promotion is a key part of event planning, which can build anticipation and your attendees get excited about the event ahead. Lavishly use the digital platforms to engage your attendees effectively. First you need to frame a clear communication strategy. Start the process of communication well in advance. Commence with a teaser campaign which is an effective way to build buzz, followed by revealers and other details. Avoid serving everything in a single platter in one go. Instead, release small snippets of content in regular instalments with creative designs. Go for a professional and dependable event management agency having creative capabilities to carry out event promotion effectively.

Use Technology

It was not long ago the organisers of event used to carry hard copies of long list of activities in numerous columns and rows. They had to physically verify and ‘tick’ or write remark against each element. Such cumbersome procedure is passe. Technology has made things easier and convenient. There is no dearth of event management software platforms and apps that make event planning and management seamless and foolproof. With the help of event apps you can streamline planning and significantly enhance engagement of attendees.

Apps and software of event management not only keep your planning on track but also enable collaborative work with various vendors and other agencies involved.

Post Event Evaluation

Well, your event was a grand success and attendees enjoyed and appreciated it. But you are not done yet. You can prolong the engagement with your attendees and event experience. Seek their feedback in a very user-friendly way. Better still, if you used an event management app with feedback option, use it to gather your attendees’ feedback. Feedback of your guests will  enable you to take care of lapses, if any, next time. Your attendees will love to receive pictures of the event, especially wherever they are featured. Send the pictures digitally with a brief personalised message. Such a gesture will go a long way in cementing your bond with your guests.

The MATChBOX Event Edge

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