How Your Corporate Event Can Facilitate Revenue Generation?

As a corporate you are required to organize events of various types. Conferences, product launches, customer meets, and participation in trade shows are some of the typical events that you cannot afford to avoid. When you are spending to host events suiting to your corporate stature, why not make them as avenues for revenue generation as well. In events, you invariably get up close and personal with customers – existing and potential. You need to think, plan and strategize in advance so as to build your customer base and widen your network. Thus you can further strengthen your association with existing customers and turn potential customers to loyal ones.   Whether the objective is to reward long serving employees or exceptionally performing business associates, your event should add value for every attendee and also for your brand and business.

Here are some insights into making your next corporate event more engaging, productive and a revenue generating avenue.


Even if the event has a set agenda and a fixed format, try to avoid stereotype by infusing innovation with a little bit of twists and turns in the contents and format of the event.  Be unpredictable and serve the same event with a difference to your attendees, which people will like and cherish as a memorable event.  Get the help of a creative event management agency who can contribute with creative additions and modifications to present a wow experience to your audience without significantly affecting your budget.  Thus an otherwise predictable and lackluster event becomes a thrilling experience for your attendees.

Attractive Venue

Venue plays an important role in the success of any event. Depending on the nature of the event and the profile of participants, choose the venue. Locality, accessibility, amenities and ambience are some of the key points to be taken care of while deciding the venue. For your event to become a blockbuster, the venue needs to be super hit.

User-friendly Indicators & Signage at Venue

It is an important factor and ignoring it may cause uneasiness to your attendees. Don’t take for granted the owner of the venue has put in place in-built indicators and signage, which most often turn out to be user-unfriendly and obscure. Would you like your esteemed delegates wandering about the venue enquiring about reception or washroom? Make your own signage and place them conveniently so that your invitees feel at home. Remember, small things make a big difference. A successful event is the outcome of many factors including the minor details. An experienced corporate event management company can suggest you such smaller details and it can come up with creative and innovative graphic signage that can direct your attendees to the key areas within the venue.

Event Promotion

Of course you would like to present an innovative and memorable event. Create a pre-event hype with a series of creatively crafted digital graphic communications. Going by the trend, you can start with a few teasers, then revealer and reminders including countdown mailers. Use the social media platforms like WhatsApp, to build pre-event excitement. An end-to-end event management agency can facilitate with creative and innovative event promotion ideas.

Event Theme

Depending upon the nature of the event, category of the attendees, and the outcome you expect from the event, define a suitable theme with an attractive logo which you can use in all relevant communications. Brand the event venue with the theme and logo. An attractive theme is an important element to inspire your attendees.  Ensure that you have a creative and innovative event planner who can come out with theme and logo suiting to your purpose.

Audio Visual Treat

In corporate events, long business talks are passé. Instead of speeches, which people feel as boring, woo your audience with videos. Creatively crafted corporate videos relevant to the occasion will be the better choice to convey your message. Remember, audio-visuals leave lasting imprints in the minds of your audience.

Informal Interaction

In person events are occasions where your attendees look forward to interact with the top brass of your company. After the formal sessions are over, during party or dinner, let your senior team move around freely and interact informally with as many attendees as possible. The attendees will cherish those moments. Still better, take pictures of such rare occasions, and send to the participants post event. Such a gesture has the power to emotionally influence your invitee and turn them to be loyal for lifetime of your brand and business.

Professional Event Planner

Your objective of executing an engaging and productive event that remain in the memory of your attendees for a long time can be best fulfilled by a professional event management agency. An event planner with experience and expertise knows the pulse of your target audience and the nitty-gritties of executing it effectively. Hire an all-in-one event management company which can take the stress off you from communication/promotion to execution and capturing feedback.

The MATChBOX Event Expertise

MATChBOX is a leading event management company of Central India with over 13 years of experience in large corporate events pan India. Over the years, Team MATChBOX has pioneered the art of concept to conclusion event management.  With full-fledged teams of content developers and visualizers, graphic designers, and digital experts, Team MATChBOX is adept at all aspects of corporate events from communication/promotion to execution. MATChBOX is also equipped with the skill and resource to make creative and innovative corporate videos perfectly suiting to the occasion and purpose.  Consider MATChBOX for your next corporate event. We are just a call away.

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