How A New Year Party Can Boost Your Team’s Morale?

Like it or not, we are yet to fully recover from the dreadful days and months of the pandemic and the consequent prolonged lockdowns. Even as we try to erase them, the terrible memories will haunt us throughout our lifetime. Adding to the anguish is the talks of a “covid returns” albeit in the form of a lesser serious variant. Let us not fall prey to rumours and live in the realities.

In the last two years the lockdowns kept people apart with celebrations muted and limited within confines of the four walls of homes. Hence what we can best do is, use all opportunities and possibilities that we come across in the current conducive conditions to mingle, get together and enjoy together to ease out the stress and lighten up the mood.

With the New Year already arrived, what occasion is more appropriate than a New Year celebration for your team to boost its morale? New Year party is a powerful platform, a most sought after event, and people look forward to it with enthusiasm ad expectations.

In India specifically, January-March period being the last quarter of the financial year, businesses go all out to maximize sales to end the year on a high note. The morale of your entire workforce from shop floor to sales and service fronts needs to be kept high to bring out their best performance in the last quarter. A gala get together at the beginning of the year will energize your people to put their best foot forward in the January-March quarter.

Let us examine a few of the salient benefit of hosting a corporate New Year party.

Ignites Team Spirit

As a reputed corporate, a New Year get together is a great way to practically demonstrate your people orientation and appreciate the hard work of your people. The company’s gesture of celebrating together will certainly enhance team spirit to higher levels and motivate employees to be more dedicated towards the corporate goals.

Maximize Q4 Performance

Traditionally in India, the last quarter, January to March, is the most important period when business activities reach their zenith and turnover spikes. Businesses need to motivate their entire workforce to bring out their best so as to mobilize maximum production and sales volumes. The New Year also heralds the new quarter, the last one, of Indian financial year. As such throwing a New Year party for your employees is too appropriate to boost their morale, enhance team spirit and they will perform beyond their potential. The results will be phenomenal and your annual turnover will grow profitably.

Strengthens Sense of Togetherness

Working together creates a sense of unity among employees. Celebrating together further strengthens the sense of unity and teamwork. When people interact, mingle and exchange pleasantries in the open and friendly atmosphere of the New Year party, it elevates the bonhomie amongst employees. The spirit of one team, one goal and togetherness will strengthen employee loyalty and it will reflect in the productivity of the last quarter.

Encourages Talent

The talents and creative hobbies of people often get stagnated in the busy daily routines. In events like New Year party, let your people showcase their talents like singing, dancing, music, skit etc. Performing in front of their friends, colleagues and family members will be moments of pride for employees and their emotional connect with the organization will become more intense. Likewise, identify people with relevant skills and creativity for activities connected with the event such as, organizing, coordination and internal publicity.


An inspiring theme for your event will add fuel to motivate your employees. Still better, you can roll out an in-house contest seeking theme suggestions from employees with rewards for the best entries. This will provide a fillip to the sense of involvement for employees.


Venue is an important element to encourage participation of maximum employees. A unique venue, conveniently accessible and not too far away will be an added attraction. The venue should be spacious enough to conveniently accommodate all your employees so that they can enjoy the evening smoothly.

Family Connect, the Emotional Edge

All are emotionally connected to families. A happy family inspires employees to perform up to their full potential. Nurture an emotional connection with the families of your employees. When the family is emotionally connected to the company, it will become the biggest motivational factor for employees to be more sincere and devoted.  Hence, invite family members of employees also to the New Year party, and if so, you will be creating a win-win situation for all.

External Event Agency

An event of such a magnitude encompassing all your employees and their families calls for perfect planning and execution. It is desirable to rope in a reliable event management agency with a track record of successful corporate event execution. You need to ensure that the agency is reputed for end to end event planning and execution i.e. from conceptualizing the event theme, pre event promotion, venue deck up and all other relevant paraphernalia. Such a concept to conclusion event management company will save your valuable time, stress and the tiresome process of following up and coordination with various vendors, and the last-minute troubleshooting in case of any unforeseen hiccups.

The MATChBOX Event Edge

MATChBOX is a total communication solutions providing company with over 13 years of experience and expertise in creative and innovative event management. We have planned and executed over 1000 large corporate events across India for prestigious national and international level clients. MATChBOX is a one-stop-shop event management agency with everything under one roof. Concept to conclusion event service is MATChBOX’s forte. Apart from experienced event team, MATChBOX is equipped with exclusive creative teams for visualizing, content development, graphic designing, corporate AVs, branding/marketing, and digital.  As a dependable and reliable event management agency, MATChBOX always strives to surpass its client’s expectations by providing unforgettable corporate event experiences. Team MATChBOX is just a call away.

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