Hybrid Events: Leverage the Best of both Worlds – Virtual and In-Person Events

A hybrid event, as you guessed, is a blend of in-person and digital elements, attuned for optimal experience to each participant. The uncanny advantages of hybrid events provide you the best of both the worlds i.e virtual and in-person participation.

At a time when covid-19 reemerges more furiously and social distancing continues to be the norm, businesses can rely on hybrid events as the most convenient and effective means to connect, communicate, and carry on to thrive in a challenging environment. Though organizing hybrid events has its own challenges, it has the advantage of reaching larger and more diverse audience, who with their experience and expertise, can contribute conveniently and safely for all, thanks to the amazing opportunity provided by technology.

Use the right technology and enjoy the immense benefits of hybrid events that bring significant value to the host and participants alike. The major value propositions of hybrid events are – enhanced engagement, increased diversity, inclusivity, more flexibility and support.

Enhanced Engagement

Communication and collaboration plays a pivotal role in increasing attendee engagement. In in-person events not all attendees contribute actively to the deliberations. Whereas, in hybrid events the engagement levels between speakers and attendees reach much higher proportions. Right technology is a key element that easily connects physical and virtual speakers and participants. In in-person events, attendees ask questions and speakers give answers. Hybrid events also allow similar experience with question and answer sessions. Attendees are encouraged to raise questions through video or text chat and speakers provide real time answers.  This paves the way for two-way flow of information. Thus, your business gets benefited with the increased attendee engagement. The attendees are also happy that their queries are answered by the speakers.

Diversity and Inclusivity

When the pandemic prevented traveling and physical events, virtual events became the new normal. Businesses realized the enormous potential of virtual events to connect with wider and more diverse audience. Virtual events proved to be easier, more convenient, time saving, more productive, and cost effective too. In virtual events, geographical distance doesn’t matter and expenses on travel are saved.  Hybrid events enable better collaboration, personalization, and self-service access to event activities, mainly for virtual attendees. Better participation, higher engagement, and accessibility to various perspectives create value for every attendee.  The collaborative capabilities are significant for the attendees.


While organizing hybrid events, be flexible and offer options of in-person, virtual, or mixed-mode to your attendees.  If an attendee wants to be a bit in-person and a bit virtual, allow it. Similarly, an in-person participant should have the option to use virtual features like collaboration, on demand viewing, and pre/post event engagement. Let the attendees decide and choose from what works best for them.

Best of Both Worlds

One size fits all approach is not practical in hybrid events. Let the attendees enjoy the best of both worlds – fully in-person, fully virtual, or a mix of both.  Flexibility and more opportunities ensure attendance, deeper engagement and more inclusion.

Some of the other hallmarks of hybrid events are:

  • Virtual attendees have the freedom to participate literally from anywhere – their office, comfort of home, or even while on the move.
  • Enable conversations before/after and during the event including question-answer session with speakers.
  • Facilitate real time content supported by on-demand content and allow easy access to participants.
  • Whether the event is in-person or virtual, attendees enjoy the same benefits with optimum flexibility.

The MATChBOX Advantage

MATChBOX, a total communication solutions providing company, has over 12 years of experience in managing physical and hybrid corporate events. With full-fledged team of visualizers, content developers, graphic designers, digital experts, and event specialists, MATChBOX provides concept to conclusion event solutions, including creative and innovative event promotion and execution.  For all your event needs, Team MATChBOX is just a call away.