Video Marketing: Add Wings to Your Story and See How Your Business Spikes Up!

Corporate Video

Corporate video normally portrays the corporate culture of a business, company, corporation, or organization with its history, top management, vision, mission & values, products and services. Corporate video also contains human resource philosophy, employee welfare and corporate social responsibility activities. In today’s technology-driven age, corporate video is widely posted on the organization’s website and social media pages. It is also circulated to stakeholders via email marketing. Corporate video is a vital part of a business entity’s communication strategy. Creatively crafted corporate video is a powerful communication tool which can enhance the company’s image, reputation and helps in brand building.

Today video has successfully and effectively took over the space earlier occupied by cumbersome folders and brochures with several pages of texts, pictures and charts. Most people used to just turn a few pages of brochures and dump them.  Whereas, a few minutes of innovative and informative video can more powerfully convey the message which remains etched in the minds of the audience for longer time.

Apart from corporate video, short films are created for important events and occasions. Some of them are:

New Product Launch: It doesn’t matter, whether you are launching the new product in a ceremony or communicating about it directly to your dealers, customers and other stakeholders. Today it has almost become a norm to exercise the task with the help of a video. A video can convey to the target audience about the strengths and features of the new product more impactfully.

Customer Meet:  Customer meets are organized as a means to enhance engagement and update them on the latest developments on product and service fronts. Lengthy speeches and presentations are passé. Instead attract customers’ attention by screening relevant short duration videos.

Suppliers Meet: Suppliers or vendors supply various parts and components required for making the product that you manufacture and sell. Suppliers need to be taken into confidence vis-à-vis your healthy market and financial status. Here again, you can use videos specifically created for the occasion to convince and motivate them.

Dealer Meet: Dealers and distributors are very important stakeholders. You need to share with them all new developments, not only in products and services, but also about the changes in your company’s structure. Improvements and innovations in quality and technology can be better depicted to dealers through videos.

Testimonial Videos:  Live customer testimonial is a powerful marketing and promotional tool. Create videos of real-time use of your products along with comments by your existing customers. Make them as frequently as possible and post in your website and social media pages. Also screen them in customer meets. Such videos can play wonders in winning over new customers.

“Viral Video” advantage: People love to share creative and innovative corporate videos backed by attractive voiceover or music and images. While you can use same video at different places and for varying purposes, if you repeat it again and again, viewers will get bored. Therefore, you must update, upgrade and create new videos, especially for your website and social media page to get maximum views, “likes” and “shares”.

Wider Reach: People voluntarily share your videos with their contacts and within their own groups. Thus the reach of video is phenomenal. You can’t imagine who all are watching your videos. The better the video, the more its chances of becoming “viral” and attracting more new customers.

Rapid Rise in SEO Ranking

Post a video on your website of social media page and see how your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings improve drastically and drive more viewers to your website. SEO, as you know, enhances the visibility of your brand and business. Higher ranking of your website means more people views it when they search a relevant query.


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