Making Corporate Event A WOW Experience for Attendees

There are various types of corporate events. Each event is with a purpose. Whether it is launch of a new product, groundbreaking of an expansion project, customer meet, annual conference of business associates or annual day celebration of your company; they are all initiatives for engaging your target attendees. High level of engagement elevates the event to a memorable experience.

Planning, designing, managing and executing are integral elements of any corporate event. But the focus should be on providing a great experience to the participants. You need to adopt a shift in mindset, from planning and organizing events to providing experience to the attendees.  Because even when people forget an event, an experience will remain afresh in their memory.

Event Partner as Experience Provider

First and foremost, you need to engage a dependable event management agency. Ensure that your event agency provides concept to conclusion event services i.e. besides event execution, they must be able to give you all relevant services. Besides planning and executing event, the agency should have expertisein content development, graphic design, digital promotion, corporate AV, printing etc. Such an event agency will leave you free from the worries of coordinating with different agencies/vendors for different services.

Event Theme Experience

The event theme itself can be designed and promoted as an experience. The theme logo with a meaningful tagline should be fitting to the occasion and the attendees should connect and relate with it. You can get the theme logo designed by a professional event management company having creative content development capability and innovative graphic design expertise. If it is an important business conference, you can have two theme options – one theme for the business session and another for the evening party.

Event Promotion Experience

Creating a pre-event hype among your target audience is important to ensure maximum attendance. You can digitally promote your event with eye-catching designs starting with a couple of teasers, followed by revealers, reminders and ending with countdown mailers. With the experience of excitement so created, people will eagerly look forward to a really endearing experience at the event.

The Venue Experience

Venue is an important element that can be an instant hit itself from the attendees’ point of view.  In business conferences, usually the hardcore business sessions during the day time are confined to the conference hall, whereas the evening party can be in a different area, more spacious so that the attendees can unwind and enjoy in a casual atmosphere with adequate doses of entertainment added. In the case of corporate family get together, you can select the venue accordingly considering the family audience, mainly women and children.

Don’t Repeat, Innovate

Some events are repeated on quarterly, half-yearly and annually with more or less the same format. People are also likely to be prejudiced with the attitude of old wine, old bottle with a new label. You too are handicapped to introduce major changes. However, instead of repeating, you try to innovate it with creative additions. New theme, creative design, and innovative promotion can infuse a fresh lease life to the old format and can capture participants’ imagination. Your creative event management agency can incorporate qualitative innovations in the event format without major increase in your budget.

Go Reverse Engineering Mode

Event experiences are meant to drive business outcomes. To achieve this ultimate goal, put yourself in the attendees’ shoes. Go reverse engineering mode and consider last things first. Post the event, what do you want your attendees say about the event experience and brand? Of course, you want positive comments from your attendees. Outcome driven preparations on the reverse engineering mode will enable you to plan in such a way that each attendee leaves the venue with a wow experience.

Small Details Matter

While you are busy focusing on the important aspects of the event, don’t overlook the smaller details, which often make a big impact, positive or negative. Turn the venue attendee-friendly. Starting from the entrance gate, volunteers wearing badges need to be available at all nooks and corners to take care of attendees’ needs as and when required. Clearly visible sign-boards should be placed, such as helpdesk, washroom, game zone, children’s zone, and food zone.

“Host as Guest” Experience

When did you last attend an event as a guest? What was your experience? What were the shortcomings? Such an analysis will help you to make up for those shortcomings and plan your event an endearing experience. Moreover, when you are entrusting the task of planning and managing the entire event to an event agency, you can sit back and enjoy the event like a guest as you are free from the stress of coordinating with different vendors. You can devote more time to interact closely with your guests, thus enhancing the engagement level of the event.

The MATChBOX Event Edge

MATChBOX is a Total Comunication Solutions Providing Company with specialisation in end-to-end Event Planning & Management, Corporate AVs, Branding/Signage, Graphic Designing, Specialized Printing & Corporate Merchandising. Over the last 13 years, MATChBOX has successfully executed over 1000 large corporate events pan India. With MATChBOX, you don’t have to look elsewhere as we are experts in concept to conclusion event management with all related services under one roof. We have exclusive teams of experts for graphic designing, digital, creative content developers and visualizers for event theme design, pre-promotion and execution. Creativity and innovation are our forte. We plan and execute events keeping our client’s objectives in mind and surpass the expectations of attendees. Team MATChBOX is just a call away.

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