Making Events More Productive, Engaging & Result Driven

Enhanced audience engagement determines the success of a corporate event. Active involvement of attendees makes your event engaging and interactive to drive the desired results that you had envisaged.

Here are some salient points to ponder in order to make your event more productive and engaging.

Focus on the Purpose

All your event planning should be driven by the purpose and results you want to achieve. You know your target audience and their overall nature. Keeping this in mind you can select the venue, decide on business presentations and speeches, entertainment, food, games, and accommodation etc. Make preparations not just to meet but exceed the expectations of the participants.

Event Theme

Whether it is a corporate family get-together or a conference of business associates, theme based event is the order of the day. Create an appealing theme fitting to the occasion with an attractively designed logo. Use the theme and logo in all your pre event communications to the invitees. An inspiring theme will definitely encourage more people to attend your event.

Time Management  

One of the most crucial components of event planning is time management. Mismanagement of time jeopardizes the entire schedule and preparations and the organizing team has to run hither and thither in desperation. To avoid the stress and the grueling task of coordinating with various agencies, the best option is to entrust task of event planning and management to a reliable event management agency. The agency will take care of the entire gamut of effective and successful event planning and execution. Not by the size or stature, but go by the reputation of the agency. Reputed event planners are experts in excellently executing theme based corporate events within your budget and fitting to your brand image, and meeting and exceeding your guests’ expectations.


Creativity is an important aspect that can make a big positive difference, but often overlooked in events. Infuse creativity right from the event theme and logo design, invitations, pre event promotion, event execution, and post event follow up. Creativity has the power to inspire your guests and they will remember and recall your event as a creative marvel.


Whether it is a business conference, celebration of a milestone or corporate family get-together, the format is broadly the same with little scope for change. Still there is scope for innovation. Innovation doesn’t mean major changes. If you are employing a capable and experienced event management company, it can suggest small qualitative improvements that will make your event more engaging and enjoyable.

Pre Event Promotion

Gone are the days when a long letter or circular followed by reminders, often send through fax/courier or both, were thought to suffice the communication. In today’s digital environment, event promotion is an important and integral part of event planning. Visually appealing mailers, each in different style and tone, need to be sent at regular intervals till a few hours prior to commencement of the event. This way you can build excitement among your invitees and they will look forward to attending the event. A dependable corporate event management agency can take up this task provided they are equipped with graphic designers, content developers and digital experts.


Entertainment options vary depend on the nature of the event and attendees. In events like company annual day or family get-together, the participants will expect more entertainment programs. In case of a business conference, it’s not uncommon to have an unwinding evening with entertainment. You can conclude accordingly considering all age groups. Here again, your effective and successful event management agency can suggest you the right mix of entertainment.

Directional Sign Boards

Let your guests feel at home with a smooth and seamless experience at the venue. For this, don’t forget to place directional boards at strategic points, viz reception/helpdesk, games, food zone, parking, selfie point, convenience etc. Make the directional signs clear, visible and guest friendly. Conveniently placed directional boards will save your guests from the embarrassment of asking all and sundry for their particular need.

Help Desk / Volunteers

Depending on the nature and size of the event, you can decide to have an exclusive reception/helpdesk manned by volunteers who know every detail about the event. Ensure availability of volunteers wearing appropriate badges at every nook and corner of the venue within the reach of guests, when they need. Helpdesk and volunteers must be in place well before start of the event, and they should be the last to leave the venue. The reception/ helpdesk must have facility for the safekeeping of the bag/luggage of guests, if any.


There is no rule of thumb that suggests that little dressed women make better anchors. Woman or man, anchor must be decently dressed, must possess interactive skills, and equally fluent in English as well as the local language. She/he must be adept at carrying attendees of all age groups along with a sense of humor, charm and approachability.


It’s a good idea to present a memento to each attendee, which they can keep longer as a reminder of the special occasion. Post the event, you can also arrange to send well designed photographs of the event and selfies of the respective attendee, which they will certainly appreciate.


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