FAQ on Social Media Marketing for Your business

In today’s technology-driven global context no business can afford to ignore the increasing influence of social media marketing (SMM). Especially in uncertain scenarios like pandemics and lockdown, the show on social media goes on unabated with increased speed, spread, and viability.


What are the Benefits of SMM?

The benefits of SMM, particularly for small businesses, are plentiful. The benefits are compelling, measurable, and actionable. Just see the phenomenal success of e-commerce companies the world over.

Remember, you need not be an e-commerce entity to get benefited from SMM. Treat SMM as an additional avenue, a serious one at that, for business. At the same time, you can continue your offline sales also.

Is SMM Costlier?

Not at all. On the contrary, social media marketing is cost-efficient compared to other traditional means of marketing. Some of the salient advantages of SMM(Social Media Marketing) that add to its cost-effectiveness are: activities carried out on digital platforms have no geographical bindings, quicker and wider reach of online posts and contents among the target audience, shares of interesting posts and contents by viewers, and many more.

How can SMM Promote My Brand?

Visibility and consistency invisibility is the key. The more visibility, the more your brand gets promoted. Content-rich regular posts will attract more viewers and within a short span of period, your brand will become familiar even among non-users of your products and services, but they will certainly recall the brand when a need arises in the future.

Which are the Most Effective Social Media Platforms for My Business?

It depends on your needs and goals. You need to have a social media strategy and accordingly set your targets and go for the most effective platforms. A reliable digital marketing consultant will be able to drive social media marketing for your business in a most profitable way.

Going by the current trends, some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linked In, and Pinterest.

Do I need to have an SMM Strategy?

If you have a firm strategy specific to your business needs in place, you will be able to implement social media marketing effectively and leverage the best results. A tried, trustworthy digital marketing agency will be able to understand your exact needs and create an effective social strategy that best suits your business.

How to Get Found Organically?

Effective social media campaigns drive traffic and build awareness. Your digital consultant will be able to deploy the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) route to enhance your organic visibility.

This will improve your rankings on Google searches, thereby visibility. Content-rich posts including videos are widely liked, shared, and commented upon – all adding to your visibility advantage.

How SMM Strengthens My Competitive Edge?

The ultimate objective of SMM is to generate leads and their conversion into actual sales. There are other aspects as well to consider and act upon in business.

Besides customers, you need to connect and engage with other stakeholders as well, like suppliers, partners, financial institutions, and other associates.

Social media marketing facilitates engagement with all stakeholders, thereby enhancing your reputation and overall competitive edge.

Can SMM Help in Customer Service?

The importance of customer service needs no emphasis. Good service can earn customer loyalty and result in repeat business. However, small businesses just can’t afford a full-fledged customer service department. Here is your solution. Engage a VA to address service aspects over your social media channels. It’s faster, efficient and cheaper too.

How to Boost Engagement with Good Content Ideas?

When you are short of topics for regular posts, look at social media to generate new ideas. Get ideas from the comments and queries on your posts. Also, get inputs from the comments appearing on your competitors’ posts. They are the topics people are interested in and you can create content for them.

Can SMM Help to Manage Reputation?

What your customers say about your brand and business is much more important than what you say about yourself. When a satisfied customer talks about your business, you can showcase it as a testimonial to others.

Similarly, when someone makes a negative noise about you, remember not to enter into any argument on social media. Deal with the issue and resolve it promptly before it hits the street.

How to Manage a Crisis on SMM?

You need to have a plan to manage the crisis. Consistency in communication is the key, and it is all the more important in crisis situations. In case of any lapses, irrespective of the reason behind it, promptly reach out to the consumer via social media and communications.

Consumers always appreciate transparency in dealings. It will lead to a lasting relationship. Don’t try to hide facts, it could result in devastating ramifications.

Do I need to have a Digital Expert to handle SMM?

If you don’t have in-house digital expertise (small businesses are unlikely to have one), you must hire the services of a reputed digital expert or digital agency. The expert will understand the nature of your business, and help you create a digital marketing strategy, and suggest you the appropriate social media platforms to go on stream.

The expert will constantly monitor the outcomes and if needed, modify the strategy and revise your social media positioning for best results. If desired results are not forthcoming even after a reasonable time, you have the option to change the expert.


These are just some of the benefits of social media marketing. We can go on narrating a volume full of SMM’s advantages. In nutshell, it is high time that you used the social media marketing route, if not already done. It is not just to join the bandwagon, but to gain and leap ahead in revenue and grow your business.

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