Video – The New Normal in Marketing and Promotion

Smartphone has become an essential item even for the common man. Spending on smartphones is a financial priority and people spend more time on their smart devices. And, on top of the watch list of most of the viewers is video. Thus, the video has become the new normal for brands and businesses to promote and market their products, services, and brands.

Video can be easily incorporated wherever you are present online, like website, social media platforms, landing page, and blog page. Videos need to be content-rich, creative, and interesting; then only they will serve the purpose perfectly.

Video Influences Purchase

Nowadays the process of the purchase starts with searching online for products and services, compare their technology, quality, features, prices, and local sales/service set up (if required), before taking the final decision to buy. At this stage, videos play a crucial role in influencing decision-making. Your videos should be pleasing, engaging, and rich in content.

Good Video Gets More Likes & Shares

Viewers tend to like and share videos that they like. This multiplies the viewership and widens the reach of your video far beyond your expectations. This advantage is not available in traditional types of promotion and marketing. The result is, leads start pouring in with high chances of conversion.


Creating a video may seem a costly proposition at its face value. It is not to be. Instead, it is a one-time investment with long-term usability. Video has great repeat value as the same video can be used on multiple online platforms. Any adaptation or up-gradation in products, services can be incorporated into the existing video, saving you the cost of creating an altogether new video.  Considering all these, investing in videos is the best cost-efficient option in marketing and promotion.

Seeing Is Believing       

Reading lengthy texts that deal with product features and technical specifications is boring for most users. Whereas, similar or even more complicated information can be imparted interestingly through videos. Remember, watching a video leaves strong and lasting imprints in the minds of viewers about your brand and business. They will recall your brand from memory lane when a need for a similar product or service arises. Thus, videos produce rapid as well as lasting results.