Successful Corporate Events: Leverage the Value of Experience

Well planned, well managed, and well executed corporate events are undoubtedly memorable experiences. Similarly, the worst events are also hard to forget. Therefore, it is important to look upon every event, irrespective of its size, stature and nature, as an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the audience. More so, in corporate events, you cannot afford to overlook even a minute detail since the success of the event leaves a lasting imprint about your brand and business in the minds of the attendees. Thus, corporate events today are treated as experiences. The fate of a corporate event depends on the value it creates for the attendees.

Some of the salient essentials when planning a corporate event are:

Types of Corporate Events
Some of the typical corporate events are:

  • New product launch
  • Dealer/supplier conference
  • New branch/dealership inauguration
  • Annual day celebrations/employees family get together
  • Training/educational/competence building activities
  • Competitions and Quiz
  • Team building activities
  • Celebration of achievements
  • Groundbreaking/inauguration of new ventures
  • Kick off/roll out of new initiatives

Goals & Objectives

First and foremost, you need to set the goals and objectives of the event, depending upon the nature of the event and the targeted attendees. Setting a clear cut goal will help you plan and manage everything smoothly.

Focus on Expectations

Like the organization’s goals and objectives, the attendees will also have expectations from the event. The attendees could be internal, external or a mix of both. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and list out the things they would expect and ensure that the event not only delivers but goes beyond their expectations.


Budget, undoubtedly, is the most important aspect of any corporate event. Take into account each possible expense that the event will incur and put a ceiling so as to restrict from overspending. Be realistic and reasonable and negotiate prices wherever possible and allocate resources accordingly.

List Out Guests

One of the most important factors for success of any event is maximum participation. Whether the participants are internal or external, you need to make a list of guests you want to invite and create appropriate invitation mailers and reminders.

Pre-event Hype

Printing and distributing invitation cards are passé. Online invitation is the norm of the day. Create attractive visually appealing digital invitation mailers fitting to the occasion so as to generate pre-event hype. Send out reminder mailers on regular intervals so as to further build up the excitement.  Market and promote the event through creative and innovative invitation mailers focusing on the vital event attractions like venue, guest speaker, entertainment etc.


Location or venue is the key that makes or breaks the event. Based on the nature of the event, your goals, expectations of the guests, and your budget, choose the venue. Appropriate venue will appeal to your target audience, whether it is a hotel, convention center, picnic spot or any other location.

Name & Theme

Select a name and theme for the event. Your attendees will refer and recall the event even after years by its name and theme. Also create a logo and branding around the name and theme. You can use the name, theme, and logo in future also if it is a recurring event on quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Event Dry Run

Whether it is a virtual, or a physical event, especially if it is a big ticket event, you should consider conducting a dry run or dress rehearsal prior to the actual event. The dry run will enable you to tap the loopholes and ensure hassle-free, picture perfect flow of the event.

Post Event Follow Up

After the event, a “Thank You” mailer to all the participants is in order to keep the momentum alive and carry on the connect with them. Post event promotion will be a good gesture for the attendees to remember and recall your brand and business for a long time.

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