Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Business?

It is not an exaggeration to say that videos rule the roost on internet. Vast majority of these videos are for marketing and promotion of brands and business.  If you are not already marketing and promoting your band and business with video, it is high time you changed your strategy and jumped into the video bandwagon.

It is a proven fact that a visual is worth more than a thousand words. Moving visuals or video, with a sprinkle of creativity, can outshine a million words. For viewers videos are more reliable and leave lasting imprints in their minds. Access to faster networks allow businesses to use more and more videos to connect with their customers, and most probably, your competitors also take advantages of videos to capture value from their viewers.

Some of the Salient Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Longer visibility on social platforms
  • Better exposure and engagement with wider spectrum of audience
  • Enhances awareness of your product and business
  • A powerful sales tool that brings better results
  • Helps your website rank higher in online search
  • Steep growth in popularity across digital platforms

Customer Testimonials

Videos of live testimony by existing customers about your product or service have the power to influence new consumers more effectively. Post video testimonials regularly on your website and social media platforms. You can also screen video testimonials on other occasions like customer meets, new product launch etc.

Corporate Community Involvement

More popular term is corporate social responsibility, which among other benefits, fosters a culture of collaboration and helps improve employee morale. Content rich innovative videos showing actual community welfare activities enhance the reputation of your brand and uplifts the corporate image of your organization in the minds of viewers. It will influence the purchase decisions of consumers in favour of your brand.

Behind the Scenes Content

As the term suggests, behind the scenes videos cover the process involved in the making of your product. Viewers relate more to the uniqueness and authenticity of the behind scenes content which constitute the foundation of increased viewership and brand loyalty.  Now-a-days story-telling has become an integral part of brand engagement. The market and customers today are becoming more and more interested in the process behind the product. Your goal should be to entertain while providing a deeper understanding of product or service.

Explainer Video

An explainer is a short duration video that shows off your brand, product or service. Often used as external promotional videos, explainers can be created to share something within the organization also. Usually posted on the organization’s homepage, explainer video tells the story of your company and business that might need more clarification. Explainer videos have high intrinsic value among viewers.

Knowledge Bytes

If all your videos are promotional, viewers will feel monotonous. Hence to add variety, present your expert team members as authorities in your line of business. Let them provide knowledge about the industry, products, latest developments, and/or an in-depth insight into a concept related to your business. In the process, let them establish the advantages of your brand and products. This is a powerful way to drive leads and conversions.

Enhances Brand Image

Videos are regarded as the preferred modern mode of promotion and marketing. Creatively crafted promotional videos prominently showcase your brand, and thus enhance visibility. Increased corporate image of your brand and business influence prospective buyers and turn them into loyal customers.

More in Store 

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of benefits of videos. The potential and possibilities are endless. Video for anything and everything is the norm of the day. The sway of video is burgeoning by the day. Even a video depicting a socio-cultural event in your company or sponsored by you can create positive imprints among viewers.


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