TVC as a great marketing tool for your business

“A picture can contain 1000 elements, while a visual media can contain 1000 pictures in it.”The popularity of TV commercials is generally attributable to the wide reach of audience they cater to, however that’s not all. Whereas that’s a large issue, there are numerous reasons why your business, or any business for that matter, will gain numerous advantages by advertising on television.

Television commercial advertising aka TVC advertising is one among the foremost costly nevertheless only types of promotion. If your business isn’t doing quite well then you should surely opt for TVC as your marketing tool. For those that are new, TVC is that the game changer for businesses once incorporated into the promoting set up. Obviously, the need, eligibility, and talent to advertise on TV varies from business to business and budget to budget, however there are various reasons that create this manner of a promotion a must-try for all businesses.

Nearly ninetieth of client selections to shop for merchandise and services are influenced by advertising. This encompasses not simply standard media like television, print, radio, and outside advertising, however additionally modern concepts like online and mobile advertising. With many advertising channels to settle on from, company house owners is also unsure of the benefits of television commercials over others. Actually, television advertising outperforms all alternative types of advertising, creating it a wise investment of advertising expenditures.

You must be wondering about why you should choose television marketing over any other medium, here are few reasons for it:

TV generates the maximum profit

TV advertising outperforms other media in generating sales and is twice as effective with exposure as the next best performing press. It was also discovered that the longer you advertise on TV, the larger the impact. Television advertising is profitable in the most unconventional ways possible too. Apart from generating revenue by increasing sales via ads, your brand gains credibility and the valuable trust of your consumers. It is generally seen that the impact of advertisements on television sustains the memories of people. People tend to hum jingles or talk about the content and creativity an ad possesses resulting in a brand’s popularity and your brand stays on the tip of the tongue of your consumers whenever it comes to the purchase of the respective product. TV, being the most expensive means of promotion, develops a sense of elite image formation regarding your brand in your consumer’s mind, making them think highly of you and as someone who provides quality at par.

TV ads are the most trusted among all the advertising options

TV advertising goes through tight regulation which ensures that viewers know the brands have been scrutinized and are safe and that children are protected. This trust is also in part down to our emotional relationship with TV. The opportunity of impacting the audience with a greater creativity span, including visuals and socially renowned and reliable personalities, makes them connect more efficiently with their viewers and helps in generating the need to consume the services you provide through emotional aspects.

TV has unrivalled scope and reach

No other form of advertising can build scale and reach as quickly and as powerfully as TV. Approximately 70% of the audience consumes content from television on a daily basis. Which is the highest percentage if compared between different types of media. Hence, you can understand the exposure your business and services will get when promoted via television, which will be plenty. It is seen that 48% of the time people choose to spend more time watching TV, this is closely followed by radio at 21.2% and social media at 6.2%. This shows that TV has a higher popularity than other forms of media.

 On and offline, television is the most talked-about media

Television exists as the hot topic since decades, people tend to consume content from television and discuss it in real lives, hence playing a great role in lives of people television stands strong as a media even offline. In these conversations that take place regarding television, it is seen that mostly the discussions are about the advertisements and new things that come up on television. Mouth publicity is lead by such impactful advertisements.

The combination of television and the internet works quite well

One reason TV is so impactful is because of the multiplier effect it has on other media, particularly online. TV and online have always had a strong synergy, but this is increasing over time. In fact, campaigns which use TV and online together are almost twice as efficient as those that use brand advertising with other kinds of activation channels. Online is essentially making TV a more efficient sales medium.

Easy accessibility with VOD

The increasing popularity of tablets and smart phones has meant that we have more opportunity to watch TV whenever and wherever we want. This now gives advertisers even more opportunities to keep in touch and promote their message with target audiences.

Businesses gain additional benefits from television advertising

Benefits such as sales, profit, and market share can all be positively impacted from TV and VOD advertising.TV advertising drives all other forms of promotion and accounts for 51% of all marketing sales conversions. At MATChBOX we will help create the right TV advertising campaign tailored to your needs to help your promotion achieve success.


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