Add Value and Enhance the Event Experience

With technology changing at a faster pace, we live in a digitized society where latest smartphone outsmarts everything else. The technology explosion is increasingly impacting the event industry as well with attendees’ expectations shifting rapidly. Whether it is a training workshop for your employees, annual family get together, big ticket corporate conference, or any other event, attendees today look forward to personalized and immersive event experiences.

The expectations also vary as per the class and category, persona, region, and age of attendees. For example, what engages a senior executive may not appeal to a staff member or a business associate, for that matter. Hence in order to deliver a unique and engaging experience to every participant, you need a well thought out event management plan in place.

Let us examine some of the salient factors that will make your corporate event a memorable experience:


First and foremost, you need to define your event goals. Goals differ according to the size, stature and nature of the event. For example, if it is a product launch or customers meet, the primary goal is to generate leads and their subsequent conversion into sales. You can measure the achievement levels of your goals depending on the outcome of the event and attendee feedback.


Budgeting is viewed, and rightly so, as the most challenging part of planning and executing events effectively. You need to sit with your event planner, consider every detail, and produce a realistic budget. This will save time, help you to track costs, and execute the event within the set budget plan. As the first step you need to list out all the major items. Alternatively, if you are hiring an external event planner, ask them to furnish estimate against each head, such as:

  • Venue rent
  • Audio-visual (AV)
  • Food and beverage
  • Entertainment
  • Giveaways
  • Accommodation and travel
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Service fees
  • Other cost components

Get quotes from multiple suppliers so that you can compare cost and shortlist the best ones that meet your budget and need.

Event Marketing & Promotion

Event marketing is an integral part of pre-event activities. Whether it is an internal event or external, marketing and promotion is the norm of the day. Digital promotion through creatively designed mailers is convenient and effective. If you don’t have the internal resources, it is better to entrust the task to your event manager if they have the capacity to come out with creative and innovative event promotion ideas.

Event Website

Depending on the magnitude of the event, you can decide on creating an event website as the primary touch-point as well as a key promotional tool. The event website should be appealing, easy to update. Design the website in such a way so that your event branding stands out while maintaining your corporate brand consistency.

Leverage Social Media Mileage

A meaningful social media plan for marketing of any event is common now-a-days. Choose the most appropriate channel to drive engagement with your target audience through attractive audio-visual content at regular interval. You can continue the messaging even after the event, for sending out “thank you” note, seeking feedback, or replying to queries.

Live Streaming

Live streaming of event is not a big deal and has almost become an essential element of any event today. Preplan live streaming and share the link, login and password with all those who are relevant, especially non-attendees. Anybody interested can conveniently watch the event proceedings online from anywhere, including while on the move.

Event App

A day without your smartphone in hand is unthinkable. Your mobile connects you with the world and keep you entertained. You can easily equip your mobile with as many apps you want. Apps are available dime a dozen for each and every service. In today’s technology driven environment, a mobile event app has become a must-have element for big events. The mobile event app facilitates a convenient, seamless, and personalized two way communication channel with your target audience and vice versa.  Select an all in one event agency that can create a most user friendly event app for your event.

MATChBOX – the Corporate Event Experts

MATChBOX is an all-in-one event management company with proven track record of 13 years in planning and managing big corporate events from concept to conclusion. Being a complete communication solutions provider MATChBOX has everything under one roof – creative Graphic Designing, digital marketing, content and visualization, printing, and branding and signage services. With result oriented event planning, management and execution, we focus on transforming events into memorable experiences. For all your event requirements, we are just a call away.