Though the trend of online events, thanks to the covid pandemic, is here to stay, offline events are the real happening occasions. The beauty of physical event is that it really connects people. No technology can replace the feeling of togetherness and team spirit that emerges from the physical presence of participants in an event. Breakfasting and lunching together and enjoying lighter moments raise the engagement levels even in hardcore corporate events. Some events like corporate family get together, annual day celebration, groundbreaking ceremony, and product launch are best held physically only.

Rising expectations make the role of event managers more challenging, especially in corporate events. A professional event management company can add creative value to elevate event experience to higher levels.

Let us see some of the salient benefits of entrusting the task of event execution to a dependable event management agency.

Free from Worries


Once you brief your event agency about the objectives of the event, budget, participants, and expectations, the agency takes over the task of planning and executing the event. Thus your valuable time is saved and you are free from the stress of handling the nitty-gritty of managing the event. You only need to oversee the planning and preparations, and give necessary instructions from time to time to the event manager.

Cost Efficient & Time Saving

Successful execution of an event invariably includes several elements like suitable venue, venue deck up, seating arrangements, food and beverages, entertainment, light and sound, MC and so on depending upon the nature of event and participants. Coordinating with different agencies in itself is a nightmare. The cost may also shoot up jeopardizing your budget. A leading event management company fosters its own channel of suppliers and chooses the best that suits your budget and coordinate with them. Thus your budget remains intact and also saves your valuable time.

Creative Inputs

A creative and innovative event agency can add value with creative inputs at little or no extra cost which will enhance the engagement level of your event and your guests will certainly feel the positive difference. Such creative value additions will turn your event into a memorable experience to cherish. 

Perfect Planning

A reliable event management company by virtue of its years of experience precisely plans everything in advance. The activities flow smoothly and seamlessly to the delight of your guests.

Back-up Plan

Uncertainties occur anywhere anytime. Event management sector is no exception. What matters is how better you handle the uncertainty or crisis situation. Reputed event agencies are experts in troubleshooting. They know the risk prone areas and also always have back up plans to meet unforeseen eventualities.

Professional Delivery

Event agencies are managed by professionals. In order to survive, sustain and succeed, they have to earn and maintain reputation for professional service delivery. Reputation of an event company solely rests on how they delight clients with successful event execution. Hence an event manager cannot afford to allow anything to go awry and always ensures prompt and professional event execution.

Pre Event Promotion

Event promotion has become an essential element now-a-days. A creative event management company can very well drive event promotion with well designed mailers to the target audience. Proper promotion will create hype among your guests and they will look forward to attend the event. The event manager also takes care of post event communication such as sending “Thank You” note etc to all participants.

MATChBOX – Concept to Conclusion Event Management

MATChBOX, a leading total communication solutions providing company, has a full-fledged event management division. Besides event management, the services of MATChBOX include digital marketing, video films, advertising, graphic designing, specialized printing, branding and signage. Being a leading event management company in Indore, MATChBOX has everything under one roof – visualizers, creative content developers, digital marketing experts, graphic designers, photography/videography experts, besides an exclusive team of event experts.   With 13 years of enriched experience and expertise, MATChBOX has marveled managing corporate events and other events of any size and stature anywhere in India. MATChBOX strives to execute each event as a memorable experience to cherish. We are just a call away. Contact us for all your event solutions.