Corporate Celebrations: Make Your Special Day More Special!

Whether birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary, or any other occasion, celebrations are integral part of life. Celebrating together with dear ones strengthens the bond. Corporate celebrations are special occasions that build an emotional connect with the organization, instill team spirit and bonhomie among the workforce. We spend much of our lives at workplace. To a large…
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Graphic Designing : Must for Digital Marketing

The changing landscape has made digital marketing a vital component of every company’s marketing strategy. Graphic design is the most potent art that has breathed fresh life into digital marketing. People are becoming increasingly attached to visual displays, which an entrepreneur can capitalize on by incorporating graphic design into their marketing strategy. This modern art…
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How to Kickoff your Product Launch with a Bang

A lot of hard work goes into developing a new product, like market study, survey, research, design, planning, development, testing and production. After months, perhaps years of efforts, your new product with latest technology and best-in-class features, when ready to be released into the market, it  deserves a rousing launch. The launch event is equally important as developing the product.

The launch event is the perfect opportunity to create the much needed first impression of your brand and product. A successful launch event turns the first impression into a lasting impact among your audience. Proper planning, astute marketing, and an experienced and talented team, are the vital factors to make your product launch event a resounding success.

Let us examine the process and other salient highlights of planning and organizing a perfect product launch event.

Devise A Strategy

Before embarking on organizing the actual launch event, you need to develop a strategy encompassing all incumbent pre-launch factors, product positioning, targeted customer segment, competition, marketing and promotional initiatives, and other current and future challenges.

It is important to have a clear cut event plan in place including pre-launch activities like online and offline publicity to build up anticipation and create buzz about the upcoming product. You can also plan a soft launch to introduce your product to a select group to know their response and rectify weaker points, if any, and then launch to the public with confidence. You should also list out post-launch activities so as to keep the momentum alive for the success of your product in the long run.

Target Audience

Undoubtedly the launch event is all about your brand and the new product. Your guests also come with the expectation to experience the first hand look and feel of your product. However, it is all the more important that the success of your product in the market place depends solely when the customers actually buy it. Hence, at the launch event create such an aura so that the customers feel that everything is centered around them. Right from welcoming the guests at the venue, in the course of the event, and till their departure, each attendee must feel a personalized experience, which will stand you in good stead in influencing their future purchase decisions towards your product.

Remember, your product launch becomes successful when your objectives out of the event align with the expectations of the attendees.

The Venue

It is quite natural for audience to be apprehensive about a new product.  Once they see the actual product, their apprehension may turn to appreciation. For that to happen, they need to physically attend the launch event. Here comes the importance of the venue. The venue should be fitting to the occasion and appealing to the audience. An impressive venue has that X-factor to attract even those apprehensive audience. Some factors to be considered while selecting the venue are, location, accessibility, ambience, surrounding areas.  Ensure that the venue is spacious enough to conveniently accommodate all your invitees.

Build Pre Event Excitement

Now-a-days you can do big-time publicity without spending a fortune on advertisements. Digital promotion is the order of the day. Start releasing creative and exciting teasers on your website and social media platforms.  If you don’t have the in-house resource or expertise, take the help of a professional digital marketing agency to build pre-launch excitement through a series of teasers and finally reveal various features of your new product.  Online promotion is cost efficient with wider reach and influence beyond boundaries. The anticipation so built up will create a buzz in the market place as a whole and the general public will be curious to know all about your new product.

Audio Visual Blitzkrieg

Lengthy speeches on your company and products are passé. People tend to get bored with long lectures even if they are insightful. Instead, make your launch event an audio-visual treat. Create a separate video sharing your corporate philosophy, vision, mission and management. Similarly, craft videos depicting your product range, features, and sales/service network and so on. Of course, your audience will expect an exclusive video on the new product. Let your presentation to the audience be interspersed with these videos and people will like it. You should take care to craft creative, innovative and compelling videos so as to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.  Get the services of a professional corporate video production agency that can understand your needs and make videos accordingly.

Product/Event Kit

It is a must-have item to be presented to the invitees in corporate events. The kit essentially include corporate brochure, product brochure, leaflets and other items which you feel will be of interest to your guests. You can also include relevant CD/pen-drive of the videos screened at the event.

Event Planning & Execution – The MATChBOX Edge

Considering the various elements involved, a product launch event is better outsourced through a dependable event management company. MATChBOX is a leading event management company with experience and expertise of over 13 years in planning and executing events of any magnitude anywhere in India. MATChBOX is an all-in-one event agency with exclusive expert teams in copywriting, content developing, graphic designing, video production, digital marketing, and printing.  Thus you don’t have to coordinate with different agencies for different tasks. Being corporate event specialists, MATChBOX has vast experience in planning and executing product launch events impeccably.  Think product launch, think MATChBOX.

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Event Manager’s Day: A Day to Celebrate their Invaluable Contributions

Importance of an Event Manager Event management is a field of skilled and experienced professionals who are specialized in managing small and large events. The triumph of any event depends on the event manager’s backbreaking work. They’re responsible for running a range of activities, ensuring that the target audience is engaged and the message of…
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Add Value and Enhance the Event Experience

With technology changing at a faster pace, we live in a digitized society where latest smartphone outsmarts everything else. The technology explosion is increasingly impacting the event industry as well with attendees’ expectations shifting rapidly. Whether it is a training workshop for your employees, annual family get together, big ticket corporate conference, or any other…
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